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Mar 9, 2006
I signed up to a reputable sportsbook (that uses Playtech casino and poker software, no contact found here in the contact list) approximately a year ago. I haven't played in the casino yet, only poker. Now I would like to play in the casino, and they offer a great first deposit bonus.

I contacted them via live chat, because it was a long time ago, when I signed up, and just for sure I asked whether I'm still eligible for the first deposit bonus. She answered not, because I signed up in USD, and I should have signed up in EUR.

I'm a Hungarian resident, and the official currency here is Hungarian Forint (HUF). They of course didn't offer this currency, so I ticked USD when I signed up, because poker was played in USD. You also can't use EUR in Hungary. She tried to convince me that the official currency in Hungary is EUR, and I should have signed up in EUR. I found no such description in the T&C anyway. Additionally I didn't benefit anything with USD, as USD is weaker than EUR.

I think I never heard about anyone who signed up in USD instead of EUR and had problems, the opposite is typical. Any suggestions? I emailed the manager on 5th of December, but got no positive reply yet.

I will post the text of the live chat session a few hours later.

Complete and utter BS, poker is played in USD, you would have had no option than to sign up in USD to play poker (there are some UK facing sites offering poker in GBP, but this is not well known).

This is just an excuse to put you off using the casino bonuses, and as this is Playtech, I would recommend not pushing, as it looks like the next step will be to deny winnings because of another flimsy excuse, such as Hungarians are banned, or are a bunch of fraudsters. It is best to see if the casino has a list of banned countries that differ from the poker room.

The casino probably assumes that all EU countries use the Euro, forgetting the significant minority that don't. New entrants do not start straight away using the Euro, it comes with time. Britain entered decades ago, and we STILL don't use the Euro due to fears the changeover will be used as an excuse to rip off consumers, as happened in the rest of Europe.

Just received an email from the casino manager:

"Thank you for contacting ....... Casino.

After a full review I have decided to remove the ruling that deposits
into Casino should match the currency of your country and in the case of
countries in the European Union , Euros. This now means that of you wish
to play in our Casino and make your first deposit you will receive the
bonus when playing in USD."

Very nice job "Jackie"! :)

Btw. How is it possible to edit the main title of the thread?
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