Stop and Step out of step?


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May 28, 2018
Ok sorry if not allowed, but I used to watch S and S all the time, but since the 50k subs his last 2 videos are 5k deposit on a online casino and now he's doing 500 quid feature buy ins ... have we not seen this behaviour before? personally the RG message has gone out of the window now


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Jul 25, 2014
United Kingdom
I watch him all.the time and I think this is just a special for the fact he's reached that landmark as a rule he does play per spin in the £2 mark when in the casinos or arcades online he does do buyins but they tend to be maybe the odd £50 bur stays below on most
I do think though this is just specials as his music has changed for the last couple
I would hate to think he is heading in the rediculas areas of play but I feel.bor he was quick to bank and enjoy I stead of let's.go .again and again think he has slightly more scense
I hope lol


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May 8, 2018
south east england
He's slipped off my radar, haven't watched his channel for yonks. last real vid I watched all the way through was from his las vegas trip, I think I did see a bit of one bookie type fobt vid after that, where he did mad pie gambles and lost his winnings, for me there is nothing more annoying than watching someone constantly gamble away wins and bonuses. Will give his channel a revisit soon to see what he's up to.