Still having issues with Red Lion Casino

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Oct 22, 2021
I am still having issues getting a withdrawal from Red Lion Casino. I’ve requested a withdrawal of £234 winnings on October 2nd but nothing has arrived in my bank account at this moment in time (November 10th). The general consensus I get here is that they’re a fraud casino. I’ve previously received winnings from them so it’s confusing to me they’ve suddenly flipped.

I’ve already asked Monzo for a chargeback of my deposits but I was told they got turned down by Mastercard, with Mastercard saying I had already received my service I had paid for. I’m guessing Barclays are likely to say the same and after 20 emails, it’s probably fair to say I’ll never see my winnings? Has anyone had any luck on this front?

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Jan 20, 2004

A few things you should be aware of:
  • RedLion is a rip-off joint extraordinaire, I get complaints against these guys all the time. See our Warning against them for more details.
  • You shouldn't post multiple threads on the same topic unless there is a compelling reason to do so. You had posted recently in the Payment Processing forums on virtually the same subject. That's a "no no".
I'd offer to help you out with the casino -- I manage our Complaints (aka "PAB") service -- but in this case there is no point: RedLion is a shithole casino and they never have listened to reason or even bothered to pretend to be interested in doing the right thing for their players. I've got stacks of unresolved complaints against them to prove it: AVOID THIS CASINO.

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