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Jan 4, 2004
Hi all. I am STILL having trouble with Prima Poker skins!!

I have not been able to register at three different Prima Poker skin poker rooms. I don't know if it is because I registered last month at Spin Palace Poker, which is a part of Prima, or if the problem is with Microgaming software.

Last night I went to the Lucky Nugget casino. I signed up at the casino (for practice money) and then downloaded the Lucky Nugget Poker software. I went to their register option and proceeded to register for a play money account. Everything seemed to go ok and I got a message to expect the activation number in my e-mail.

Today I recieved an e-mail from The Gaming Club ( I guess they have something to do with Lucky Nugget since they had my account number) saying my account is temporarily on hold and that they need my address, copy of drivers license, utilty bill, etc, before they can send a payout. What???? What the heck is going on?

It is not a big deal to me actually, I have other poker rooms I play at, but I am just really curious why I am having so much trouble registering at any other Prima Poker skin with Microgaming software. Are they cross indexing my e-mail and thinking I am doing something fishy trying to register (for play money only) at other Prima Poker skins??? I haven't even tried to open a real money account at any other Prima Poker room except Spin Palace (which I haven't even funded) Yikes!!!

Any explanation would be appreciated. Mysteries like this drive me nuts.... and then I just forget about them. Heehaw.

It seems common for skins to have an issue with you signing up for more then one version of their poker room. I had this issue with Party/Empire, Goldenpalace/nightorday and pokerpot/bigbet. I guess this is so they dont have to double bonus you. Party allowed it after a live chat, golden palace allowed it after the owner of the skin talked to them. Bigbet would not allow it.
In poker world I have heard LOTS of complaint about microgaming related poker rooms from the hassle department. I have great things about the promos, how soft the games are and how many games at any given time. The issue is that many many people have complained about getting locked out and not knowing why, some have had their winnings taken (these could be just nailed scammers though). Other have complained about the hassle of withdrawing funds. You seem to have a similar complaint about being locked out. These complaints are not as common as they used to be but they are still heard. I would say first email support. Just pick one and explain all the signups to all the skins. It is likely the same support staff handles all the back end for all the skins. See what they say. They may have gotten a red flag from all the signups you have. If they cant or will not get this fixed screw them there are plenty other poker rooms.
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Thanks pokeraddict, your posting makes sense. I didn't even think about the bonus question.

I think I will just move on and forget about it. Finally got around to funding my NETeller account today so in a few days I can start playing for real dough. I'll check out absolutepoker tonight.


Lucky Nugget Poker Support here.

We've tried to contact you to assist with the difficulties you had in signing-up with us as per your post on the 18th of February, but have not been successful. We'd really like to help as we take player experience very seriously, and we only want you to have a positive and entertaining one.

Please would you be so kind as to send us a personal message via this forum or email us at (preferably a personal message so that we can deal with the matter directly)

We trust that you'll give us a chance and allow us the opportunity to help. Looking forward to your reply.

Kind Regards,
Lucky Nugget Poker Support
Well, I have tried to respond to you twice but I guess it hasn't gotten through. I had received a PM from Casinomeister that you would like me to respond to Gary at Customer Service (this was about a week/ten days ago), and then you sent me a PM directly that I also responded to.

I'll be happy to try again. This time I will e-mail you directly.

I do want to say thanks for the interest in this. I think it's pretty good customer service!


Thanks for giving us the opportunity. We're currently looking into the matter and will respond with our findings as soon possible. We appreciate your patience in the interim though and we're sure that we'll be able to come to a suitable resolution.
Hi Lucky Nugget,

I received your e-mail today and have responded to it. Thanks.

Hi Lucky Nugget,

I received your message about my password. I sent you an e-mail tonight as I have still had a problem.



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