Still Casinoval Players out there?


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Hey Guys,

i truly stick to accredited ones at the moment... But would love to give Casinoval another try. I remember it was big fun, because they have a lot of unique slots and always bonuses in the range of 200-300%.

I talked to support and they told me it always takes around 5-7 days to get paid. Can someone confirm this?

Would you guys consider it more or less safe to play there? I checked quite some websites and couldn't find a lot of negative criticism, also they seem to have a lot of players if i see what's going on on their facebook page.



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I've cashed out several times there. Only problem is that long waiting period. Normally it takes a week or a bit more before you receive your money. But at least you will get paid if you win.


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I play there occasionally. It does take almost too long to get paid though. Withdrawals stay reversible for days (and they won't flush them).

If you aren't in a hurry for your money, the bonuses are still decent and they have some fairly unique slots.


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They have awesome bonuses but the way they set up there machines is annoying as the seats are usually all full and have to keep searching for a free machine to play.
It lags sometimes but the games are the best with a lot of stacked wilds. If they had faster payouts and a flushing option It would be a top contender in online casinos :D


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I'm a fan of Casinoval but no I don't play there anymore. I've had withdrawals there before which took about 7-10 days to get paid. They are a good casino with some fantastic games that are similar to the slots you would find at the B&M. The last time I deposited there the bonus was not automatically credited and when I jumped on chat there were no agents available even though the agent greeted me (which is not like how it has always been) that sort of gave me the impression the casino was like a ghost town. Still a good casino but I'm a little bit cautious after that experience.


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I like it too but get far too many "lost connection with the server" and have to restart the casino.

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