Still allowed to deposit after registering with ganstop

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Jul 1, 2019
Hi all,

I registered with gamstop on the 17th June 19 and a number of casinos have been very good in the fact that I cannot gain access or deposit and have asked for me to withdraw any winnings.

However a certain casino has allowed me to deposit around £1600 which I have obviously lost.

I have emailed the casino and cc'd gamstop in to get the ball rolling and check my registration details as apparently this process has been set up by gamstop to investigate disputes of this nature.

I have had the account open for a number of years so it is not a new account opening. As it is an old account all my details are the same as registered with gamstop apart from my mobile phone number and address. My full name, date of birth and email address are the same on both the casino and gamstop.

Firstly - I want to highlight the issue so it can hopefully be resolved by preventing this happening to anyone else in the future.

Secondly - I would like to know if there is a possibility of getting my deposits back after my registration date with gamstop.

Many thanks



Experienced Member
Jan 28, 2016
Why do people post complaints like this and not name the casino? That can make a big difference in how things are approached and the likely outcome

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