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Aug 25, 2004
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This is part of the cash-out rules at an RTG with sticky bonus:

Unless stated otherwise all bonuses are non-cashable this means the bonus itself may not be withdrawn at any time although the winnings generated by using the bonus may be withdrawn.

You have to meet playthrough requirements to cash out / withdraw any winnings generated through your bonus. You may forfeit all winnings and bonuses and cash out the balance at any time without meeting playthrough requirements provided the bonus and deposit both remain in the balance.

I'm probably being a bit thick (again!), but I just can not understand what that 'bolded' sentence means!
(I read it as: You forfeit all your bonus. You forfeit all your winnings. Your deposit must stay in the account. So what on earth is it that you are allowed to withdraw???)

Can anyone translate it into English for me, or is it just gobbledy-goop?
Hi KK,

now you can imagine how difficult it is for one only with school english to understand the casinos ;-)
I believe it means that if the balance of your account equals or exceeds the value of the deposit plus bonus, you can forfeit the bonus and winnings and withdraw your deposit. If the balance is less than this value you must meet the WR to cash anything out.

Basically, they are happy for you to give up a winning position, but not for you to cut your losses and remove what's left of your deposit.

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