Steve A- this sounds like you!


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Had to share this- just received from Homecasino in its promotion email- the psychology of what games suit which players!

Steve you are the archetypal VP player.

"In this month's Insight(and more to come) we
take a look at how your personality may well determine
which games you love the most.

Are you shy? A Quiet kinda person? You prefer
easy-to-learn rules, and certainly hate being rushed
into things. The best game for you may be Video Poker,
You can learn the right strategies, and once you know
which machines work better for you, your odds of winning
are better than ever!!"

Quiet shy dont rush into it kinda guy- thats you!

I can't wait for the blackjack instalment to discover hitmob is the patient kind and an "all or nothing" kind of guy.