SterlingHouse steals my money


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Oct 3, 2004
I deposited 25 on feb. 17th and expected a promised bonus, but this one I never received.

From my e-mail to the casino:
I deposited 25 from Moneybookers and expected to receive the monthly match bonus. But your online help told me that I could not get this bonus and that I was to get in contacty with you. Could you please give me an explanation.

I tried to get in contact with the casino on this matter, and here is the replys:
I'm sorry but I'm still not able to help you with this issue. The manager is in charge for all the bonus problems so you should contact him.I hope he will be able to help you.His e-mail is will respond you as soon as possible.Moreover, I had forwarded him your e-mails so he is aware of that matter.

Nothing ever happened, so I did a withdrawal the next day (and I never played at the casino).

Now, after dozens of e-mails and tons of excuses, I still haven't received any money.

The last response was like this:
My colleague sent you an e-mail this morning with all available information we have here about your problem.
Please be sure that the Financial Manager had been noted on that topic.
I cannot engage with an exact time frame, as the matter depends on several factors. Thank you for your patience.

I have learned that this casino is on the rougue list, and I will probably not receive my money ever, so... let this be a warning to all (and I have a lesson learned).
Does Casinomeister forum make wonders?

Today I got my 25 (minus fee) back on my Moneybookers account.

The same day as I posted my complaintes I also sent yet another e-mail, just saying: "Give me back my money, NOW!"

So .... I am not 100% sure about what did the trick? But I choose to credit the forum post .... (or destiny, fate....).

Anyway, I am satisfied. :) :) :) :)
wow thats long

Wow Sorry to hear that. Grand Banks has had a lot of problems from what I read. Hope you get paid. I got a casino that owes me money for a few months now. And I think thats long. A year! Oh man I would be going crazy! :eek:

Again hope you get paid :thumbsup: :D

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