Stay away from Topcardcasino!


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Oct 6, 1999
Its a Golden Palace affiliate. Stay far away!!!

Bill from The GamemasterOnline has a radio show on and recently recommended this casino's blackjack game. The odds are fantastic, providing the game is not rigged. The house has only a .06% house advantage over the player. (With optimal strategy)

The problem is if you win there, you can't be sure they'll pay you. Back in May of 2000, Golden Palace and its affiliated casinos decided to seize winnings from LEGITIMATE members, simply because they took advantage of the casino(s) promotions too often. These players followed all of GP's rules and regulations, and there was no condition restricting the number of times a player could take advantage of a promo. But since GP claimed these players violated the "spirit" of these promos, GP decided to steal the players money. (Collectively, the total $ amount was greater than 100K, yet GP decided to lie about the total amount, claiming it was only 15K) If a player used promos at more than 1 GP casino (either GP or an affiliate) at a time, the player was considered a bonus abuser. There was NO such restriction in the rules, and there was NO way for players to know that one casino was affiliated with the other.

Many of these players STILL have not been paid.

After the scandal, GP and all its affiliates changed from Microgaming to proprietary software. New terms and conditions were advertised with all promos. This included new wagering requirements.

From August 2000 until now, GP has payed legit winners. I know many people who now constantly take advantage of promos without a problem (although they do have an unwritten 4 casino rule: play promos at more than 4 at one time, and they seize your money again.)

Unless your an advantage player, there's no reason in the world to play at these casinos, since theres no telling when they'll steal again.

Advantage players can be successful GP casinos.
GP is still offering some of the best bonuses on the net (Thier July 4 and Labor Day Promo gave players a 25% bonus up to $10,000 with 4x Deposit + 4 x bonus (7xD+7xB for blackjack). By playing the min requirements and cashing out, these players have a good shot at walking away with a profit.
Hi Dave,

Thanks for the GP update. I need to update the GP information on this site as well.

Most people are unaware of the scam GP pulled last year, or have just plain forgotten. The memories of online players are pretty short, and besides, there are new players abound!

Hi, Dave.

Thanks for posting this.

I, too, just found out that they are affiliated with GP but had I known that before the show I would have never recommended them.

Darn, it was a good game.

No problem!

This casino used to be known as
Trumpcardcasino and then last year was changed to Topcardcasino. Also GP changed the URL of goldencaesar to palace-casino.

A couple months back Jondo confirmed that Mark Francis of security is still there.

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