stay away from Tex/George at Spanish Luck casino


Dormant account
May 14, 2005
Brooklyn, NY
On 2/28/06, I signed up a new account there. I accepted their standard sign up bonus, deposited $500 and cashed out $1300. I got paid within one day. Someone named Tex then started to call me incessantly offering me further unsolicited bonuses. Despite the fact that their software was very faulty to where I had to keep calling them to fix it while I was playing there, I accepted his offer, made another $500 deposit on 3/4, and lost. Again, he kept contacting me to make further deposits. He also assured me in writing (which I have kept) that I would be paid within one day if I had a cash out. On 4/9, I made another $500 deposit and cashed out $3000. Not only wasn't I paid in one day, but Tex kept stalling, lying, and promising me that I would be paid "momentarily". This went on for approximately two months until they finally paid me $1500 of the $3000 that Tex confirmed owing me in writing. When I contacted him for the rest of it, I was informed that he no longer worked there, and that I had already been paid in full. I then went back into my account, which was now locked. I then reached someone there named George who said that he knew nothing of this and would not be paying me any more money, but if I made another deposit I would be paid immediately!!!! Below, are all the e-mails and live chats confirming that everything I am stating here to be true. The first is the one that includes the fact that I met the wagering requirements for the bonus I accepted from them on 4/9. Below that is Tex's e-mail from 4/10 that I would be paid within one day. Below that is Tex's e-mail from 4/24 telling that I would be paid in full that day. Below that is the e-mail that Tex sent me saying that he would be paying me in full on 5/5. Below that is Tex e-mail from 5/23 stating that I would be paid in full that day. Below that is the chat I had with Wendy on 6/18 that Tex no longer worked there. Below that is the last chat that I had with George on 6/22.
I am reaching out to you to recoup the $1500 that Tex/George and Spanish Luck has blatantly stolen from me. Feel free to contact me at my registered e-mail address with any further questions. Thank you for your help in resolving this matter.

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You are now chatting with 'wendy'
wendy: Hello. How may I assist you?
you: I spoke with you a couple of days ago. My account number is sl565446. Thanks for fixing the 3 card poker table. I have been playing there the past hour. Please confirm that I have met the wagering requirements for the bonus that I accepted. I will hold here. Thanks.
wendy: ok pls hold
you: ok
wendy: ok you have completed the playthrough you can withdraw now
you: Thank you. How long will it take for me to get paid in full ?
wendy: well the cashier is closed today but you'll get an answer from the cashier tomorrow
you: You mean the cashier is the only person who can answer this question ?
wendy: you'll get paid tomorrow
you: In full ?
wendy: yes
you: Great. Thanks. Once I get paid tomorrow I will be happy to return to your casino and remain a loyal and repeat customer.
you: I am copying this chat now. Is that okay with you ?
wendy: well yw and hope to see soon
wendy: yes of coarse
you: Great. Thanks again.

From: "TEX" <TEX@SPANISHLUCKCASINO.COM> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
To: "adam roberts" <>
Subject: Re: thanks again
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 02:18:37 -0400

Your quite welcome, fact is i want to thank you for giving us another chance and im sorry this happened. How can i possibly argue. Fact is we are working hard to make this the absolute best place to play and win. I know the sware isnt top of the line, but i have 7 years experience in online casinos, and what it may lack, i more than tripple in effort and customer care. So you you know and id like you to keep this confidential for the moment, i am working a deal with Rtg and Boss media. Please keep this our little secret for now. My plan is to upgrade spanish and offer you and my players a flash based and download based version.
It will take some time, but i assure you we will work hard in the meantime to make sure everyone is well taken care of. The site will not change, we all love it. What we will do is add a download section, which will infact be not of ast origin :)
As for your payout, accounting will verify the account tomorrow and it should be at my desk by 11am et. as long as its all in order, your wire will be transfered at that time.
Thank you again for joining us, and i look forward to seeing you here soon

Tex P.
Operations Manager Sr. exec.

Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 13:52:46 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: what happened ?
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To: "adam roberts" <>

I appologize, i had to do some traveling. Im back and will have that in


From: "TEX" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
To: "adam roberts" <>
Subject: payout due
Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 01:56:35 -0400

Hello Adam, sorry for this mess up

Ill get a payment to you ast thing monday morning, thats when i am able to process payouts under new guidelines
Its a promise


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From : tex <>
Sent : Tuesday, May 23, 2006 11:49 AM
To : "adam roberts" <>
Subject : payout on account

| | | Inbox

I have made 2 payments into the Neteller account you provided me with and will make 2 more on monday 5/29/06

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You are now chatting with 'wendy'
wendy: How may I help you today?
adam: It is to my undersatnding that Tex no longer works here. Is that correct ?
wendy: yes, it is
adam: What is the name of the new manager ?
wendy: George
adam: Please connect me to him
wendy: You can contact him tomorrow 7 to 3
adam: is that EST ?
wendy: yes
adam: what days during the week does he work, and are those his regular hours ?
wendy: Mon to sat 7 to 3
adam: thank you

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You are now chatting with 'george'
george: Hello. How may I assist you?
adam: you are the new manager, right ?
george: yes
adam: I am really hoping that you will help me on this matter. My accoutn number is sl565446. I dealt with someone named Tex in March and April. I have all the live chats and e-mails with him copied and saved. Basically, he has cheated me out of $1500. I would be happy to send all of these correspondences to you.
george: how did he cheated to you?
adam: I am still owes $1500. He has confirmed this numerous times via e-mail.
george: your acc is 0
adam: I know that's what it says now. In realtiy that is not the case. Like I said, I would be ahppy to send you all our corrspondences. I am not going to let this slide. Either I send this material to you and you make it right or I send it to Casinomeister and Winnersonline's forums, as well as to contact the Costa Rican gaming comission. Your choice.
george: do whatever you want to do.we have here all you acc info we can put it in casino meiters dont come here with thsi atitude.
george: your acc is an o
george: i cant do anything
george: Now if you would like to deposit i will make sure that if you win you get paid.
adam: attitude ? Tes has cheate dme out of $1500. That will not happen without retribution. You've just made a big mistake.
george: but please send all your email
george: ok
Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.
I hate to say it, but there is really nothing that can be done. You should have never been playing at a site like this.

I've been in contact with the casino - and they claim that your balance is zero. I've asked them to send me a copy of your account transactions - no response.

You never mentioned how you found this casino. Did you click on some banner at some website? or through an email. If so, contact the webmaster and notify him of this problem.
I remember that i played in a casino of this "group", if my memory serves me well. They had the free version of boldchat as a live chat feature. And meister I think that these casinos were advertised in WOL..... At least I signed up through there. Of course almost a year ago.

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