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Dec 12, 2005

current as of 2 days ago

edit: Titan Poker will be closing US accounts
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Absolute staying

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Good news for you guys..

Great operation, pioneers on the poker industry

You can start adding Titan, Noble, and all the playtech poker family their since they are leaving...
woooohoooo riverstars!!!

sorry Kyl, Frist and co.

i guess now you'll have to go house to house rounding up all the online poker "felons".

i can almost here the screams from the PartyPoker boardroom.

now if I can just get this damm pigeon trained to bring my withdrawals back home.
Developments in the last 24 hours:

Pokerstars announces they will stay in the US market.

Ongame tells affiliates that they will no longer accept new US players. Software is being developed to block existing US accounts shortly.

Most (all?) Primas emailed all players in Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington and Wisconsin saying they could no longer play on Prima.

Betholdem, Code Poker and Poker123 announced no more US players. These are Prima skins.

Paradise Poker blocked player accounts in 8 states. The other 42 states can no longer deposit but can play and have until November 13th to cash out.

Jet Set Poker closes down to all players with 5 minutes notice. They state cashouts will be mailed in 6-12 weeks. Jet Set abruptly fired their prop program earlier this week and emailed some affiliates and cancelled their accounts. The 5 minutes notice makes many wonder if they have run off with the money. Jet Set claims 6-12 weeks for payments.
Emails on Poker Sites closing to US

32Red Poker Site

Following the recent passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling
Enforcement Act of 2006 in the United States, we regret to inform you that
32Red Plc will no longer be able to offer, in any manner, internet gambling
opportunities to our players who are resident in the USA. As a
reputable company, in a reputable jurisdiction, 32Red does have to abide by
the laws of overseas countries no matter how unrealistic we may believe
them to be. We have had great pleasure in providing online casino and
poker services to our American players and look forward to the day when
legislation is implemented allowing 32Red Plc to once again provide a
service to players in the USA.

Spin Palace Poker Site

As of 09:30 am BST(04:30 EST, 01:30 PST) on Friday 13th October 2006,
your account will be closed. Please contact so that
we can arrange payment of any outstanding monies to you.

I regret to inform you that, due to legal uncertainty within the USA
regarding online gaming, we have no alternative but to suspend accepting
deposits into your poker account, xxxxxxxx, with immediate effect.

In addition, your poker account will be locked within the next 24 hrs -
no later than 9am ET. (1pm GMT.) on Friday, October 13th.

Note: should you have a remaining balance in your account once it has
been locked, please contact our support staff using the email address
below, to arrange for funds to be paid via a method of your choice.


Having provided many years of fair, honest and enjoyable poker, it is
with deep regret that we are forced to take this course of action. Rest
assured, should the legal situation change in any way, we will reassess
the situation with a view to providing you with a premier online poker
experience once again.

As Poker Manager, and on behalf of all at Spin Palace Poker, I would
like to personally thank you for your loyalty up to this point.

Kind regards,

Andrew Tracey
Poker Manager
Spin Palace Poker

Thought I would let you guys know these are the emails I have received you might want to add to your list...
The Ongame/Poker development is disappointing - they initially seemed to be taking a pro-US player position.

Looks as if this sector is going to be presenting big opportunities to the bold and the savvy on both sides of the player-operator fence.

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