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Jan 3, 2005
I am looking to startup a sportsbook/poker site. Since I only want to spend little if any $ upfront I think my best bet is to become an affiliate. The problem is, I need a website. I have an amazing domain name already and I have 15 years marketing experience in the entertainment biz so thats where my $ will go. Any suggestions on who can build me this website or do I just buy a template? I have tried and a few others but they never return calls or call me weeks later. Thanks.
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I would steer away from places like Just looking at the main index page you can tell they don't know how to handle graphics, and the girl they are using is from the Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) . Perhaps there are copyright issues there. I don't know.

Personally, I would not engage the services of a company that designs casino/sportsbook websites since your site will end up looking no different than the others. Ho-hum.

One suggestion is to take some time and surf the web haphazardly. Look at news sites, sports sites, book stores, automotive, etc. and look for designs and navigation systems that fit your need. If you see something you like, pop an email off to the webmaster to see if he/she would be willing to share or give you a template. You'll be surprised how generous some people can be. This is how I redesigned Casinomeister about a year and a half ago. Didn't cost me a dime.

If this sort of thing ain't your cup of tea, then check the local universities for students that are looking for part time work. You could probably hire some college kid that will build your site for way cheaper than you'd pay some company.

thanks for the info. i am looking at templatemonster and they have a few templates. now i have to figure out how to move my affiliate's banners in there. and of course i'm clueless at that which is why i was willing to pay $199 to onlinecasinobuilders to do that.

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