Starspins sold. Is this good or bad news?


Ueber Meister
Received this today:

We just wanted to let you know that, following a sale of Starspins' business assets by Profitable Play Ltd. to Jackpotjoy Operations Ltd. (JPJ Ops), your Starspins data will now be owned and controlled by JPJ Ops.

As a result, we have updated our Privacy Policy to reflect that JPJ Ops is now also a controller of your data, and your data will be used by JPJ Ops and its group companies. You can see a copy of the updated document here.

Don’t worry; your data will still be used for the same purposes and your marketing preferences have not been affected. This won’t make any difference to the service you receive from us as the site is still operated by Profitable Play Ltd. Our great games and fun promotions are awaiting you, as always.

Does this sale include the sister sites Virgin and Monopoly etc?


Unofficial T&C's Editor
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They're all part of the Gamesys group anyway, possibly just a change of sub-ownership Starspins now owned by Jackpot Joyless but Monopoly, Virgin and all of them still part of the same group. Nothing to worry about, JJ are fine, quick cashouts good CS etc.