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Jul 13, 2002
Hou, Tx. USA
Hi Bryan;

I wanted to write something nice about a casino for a change and wanted to put the information in the "Recommend a Site to a Friend" but I keep getting the "Woops" page. I am not trying to spam the board but with all the casinos popping up and players are getting screwed I wanted to say something good for a change.

I have played and joined all the new casinos offering great bonuses but I can never win anything. So I decided to go back to my old casino sites and guess what! It paid off.
I did not use a bonus, just deposited $100.00 and won $5,000. on the "Gopher Slots Game" at Starluck Casino.
No problem worrying about meeting the wagering requirements, My winnings were credited back to my checking account in 5 business days.

What have I learned? I'm avoiding new pop-up casinos and casinos offering first-time player bonuses. It's easier to play without bonuses and I don't have to worry about being a bonus hunter and there are no hassles with getting paid.

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