starluck-still lying


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Oct 5, 2003
Starluck was supposed to contact me yesterday and of course it was another lie.
They tell webmasters that I won't talk to them or that they don't owe me anything....If that is th case then why do I have three transcripts from three different agents authorized from management that tell me that I am assured, promised the money and that it is already being processed? Then the transcript I like best is the one where Vanessa at Starluck says, of course you will get your money, no-one at starluck would lie to you....... So, gaming club and fortune, would you treat someone like this??????????
terber, I've tried the same with Starluck a long time ago. They claimed I had never tried contact them although I had talked to them on several occasions both by live chat and by phone.

They also claimed that the phone number I entered was fake and didn't exist. According to them they had tried to call me several times, which is an outright lie.

They stole a $500 deposit from me + around $200 in winnings.

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Same here. They ALWAYS claim they tried calling you - and when you call them there's only one person who can help you - and he left early, didn't arrive yet, is in a meeting or left for medical reasons....

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