Starluck Problems (Required resource)


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Aug 7, 2005
Why can't I install starluck casino? I have tried everything even the alternate links they gave me. but that didn't help at all. I have money in there but I can't get it out =(
I think i have tried to install Starluck on 5 different computers, but it never works. Anyone who know what required resource thats missing :p
The path for the Software is hard codet. Copy and paste the Directory to c://program files and it will work.

Can you be a little more detailed about how to circumvent the problem?

I know a few people I could get the info too who would appreciate it greatly if they had a step-by-step way of downloading the software and having it work. :thumbsup:
Here are direct download for Planetluck Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
And here is Starluck Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
So i should just put them into C:\program files\? i use swedish windows so its named C:\program\ can that be the problem. Well i moved the files to C:\program files\ and now everything works fine. THANKS alot polka. BUt still icant connect to theyre servers. :(
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Morons cant get there download casno to isnstall its disturbing ass hell because i got money in there. I have tried emailing them and that didn't work at all.
Not anyone who knows how to install planetluck, ive tried polkas details but i could start planetluck i just get cannot connect to server, when in game.
Not anyone who knows? I really need that money and they wont help.
I tried what polka said but i can go into the casino but not connect to it servers.
I installed english version of windows xp profesional and then it did work. why do they hard code the files into program files.

Pretty useless, as it will fail more often than it will work.
Perhaps it is a devious way to exclude players based on country of residence!

If hard coded in the .exe, it can be hacked in a decent file editor and the correct strings for the directory inserted. This MIGHT have worked, although the problem might just have moved to the installed module when executed.

Incidentally, another way is to modify the registry of the original Windows to point to a different system folder for the program files. You should create the folder as a direct copy of the original first, to prevent the system falling over during the change.

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