Starluck or Planetluck?

Payout from starluck/planetluck

Hi Hojalata

Provided you are using neteller.

Payouts are very prompt. I have had a number of them. However they impose a 8 hour waiting period from the time that you intially made the deposit. If your deposit was made on a prior day etc. you should see it in 4-6 hours.

The only other casino that I play that has faster a payout routine is Global Player about 4 hours to the second, sure beats most MG trying to get your reversal fro 24 to 48 hours. Bet365 has a fast payout also but you initiate it through neteller.

I have had no problem with either casino. They have recently folded another casino in, but unclear which one.

Software is ok not much luck on other sites using same software though.

I played at both quite a while back. Identical sofware, IGlobal, I think.

If memory serves the software is not so great and 'misbehaves' - you don't see your total anymore and sometimes my second cards on splits were Insisible! I shut it down and it came back to normal.

Overall I never felt the software was cheating me and I won at both. One of them. the Starluck, I believe I ran the 100% $100 match to $640 or so.
Vegas County is also the same software. The bugs are annoying but the software has always been fair to me.

I hope they are as kind to you as they were for me.


Software is ok


The software is at best ridiculously buggy, and at worst, rigged. There are now TWO outstanding issues of screenshot-backed bugs / impossibilities, both documented at Casinomeister, and both still currently unanswered in spite of Bryan's involvement. Mine was forwarded at least two months ago.

In terms of unreliability of software, iGlobalMedia is bottom of the pile of the better known names - although their "reputation" comes from the poker room and not the casino.

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