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Jul 13, 2002
Hou, Tx. USA

No matter how much people complain about Starluck, I sure win a lot. $5,809.25 and have every cent to prove it.

They must have done a lot of improving and I have to give them their just praise considering what has been said in the past.
I've had pretty good luck at Starluck as well (although, not as good as it sounds like you've had, though!). They also paid by far the quickest of any casino I've used. They were the first online casino I used (several months ago), and I thought paying that quick was the norm!

Well, I did it again Saturday night,too. $5001.25. That's twice in the month of February......I have two daughters in college and always wondering how I am going to make it. GOD WILL PROVIDE ALL MY NEEDS. One way or the other. I can say I am blessed and lucky. I will put in for my cashout tonight and it usually will be in my account by Friday. A lot of people complain about Starluck, but I can only say good thinks about them. I don't like playing the playtech games since the casinos changed over. I love slots and Starluck has all kinds of slots, multiple games with 3-9 lines. My favorite game is predator and gopher. You can really hit big on them. I am glad to hear someone else having a good time at this casino. It sure has benefited me and my family. Good luck to you in the future! :yes:

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