Starluck Casino - $20 problem.



On 05-07-02 I posted an enquiry to Online Casinos section asking for any comment on Starluck casino Nobody responded my request, and I found none in Not Recommended Casinos list.

To receive 20 % bonus up to $200 upon sign-up, I optimistic signed up and made $100 deposit.
(I, at first, made up my mind to deposit$1,000 for $200 bonus, I changed my mind at the last minute.)

Three hours later, I lost my sign-up deposit $100 to BJ, my bankroll zero.
So I e-mailed to Starluck asking for my 20% bonus as promised.

No response for the first e-mail, no response for the second; and after the third, Starluck closed my account.

I have wondered what would happen if I got the big win as only 20$ sign-up bonus Starluck is avoiding to pay to their customer. How lucky am I, or such a fool am I.

I swear, from now on, I will get in touch with casinos those recommended by Casinomeister and OPA only. No more for stray house.
Hi al102

What is the url for this casino? I can look into this when I return from Toronto (next Monday/Tues)

I received an e-mail from Starluck casino few minutes ago. I'm in doubt if they didn't understand what I said or my writing is too bad for them to understand.

Subj: RE:Re: Transfer to starluckcasino (#1480919]
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 12:56:37 -0400
Dear Guest,

In order to cash out from your casino account all you have to do is login to the
Cashier and select "Cash In and Withdraw". Enter the amount you want to cash in
and withdraw and then click 'Submit.' The amount cashed in and withdrawn by you,
will be processed as follows:

We will attempt to reverse out any charges made to your credit card or debit
cards to the extent possible; and
Remaining funds will be paid to you by check, wire or via PayPal, as you prefer,
subject to the processing fees as listed in the Payment Options.
Upon completion of your request, we will email you a receipt containing a
confirmation number and detailed information of the amount cashed in and how it
is being sent to you. Please keep this receipt for your records.

If we can be of any further assistance you may contact us at or via our live support chat.

Jenny Harris

--Original Message--

Hi Mr.Carter

My sign-up deposit $100 has already run out to BJ.
Up to this writing, your promising 20 % Sign up bonus (Code 20) not yet put to my account.

This is the third follow up for this matter.

I feel bad and wonder is it easily cash out for the big win, if any ? as only 20$ sign-up bonus your house failed to pay to your player.

Best regards,

User : kk9
Hi ! Bryan
Hi ! Starluck Casino

On 17th I ve opened an account with CaptainCooks and deposited $100.
Only 30 seconds after hit Enter key, (repeat thirty seconds) .. I have $215 in my bank roll. ($20- from Paypal excluded as I like to contact with the house directly)
Their games are wonderful, my bank roll is growing up a little at a time, balance at $351 right now.

Honour on your recommendation ! Bryan !!
Honour on you !! Captain Cooks Casino !!!

Shame on you !!! Starluck Casino !!!!!
When you are skinning your customers you should leave some skin on to grow again so that you can skin them again. - - -(Nikita Khrushchev)
Oh Mi God !!

Starluck casino !!

You have already been black-listed by Gambling Magazine
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How could I miss this ?


For Mr. Bryan Bailey's attention:

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Hi al102, is Claude Levy's site. It's his way to vent against Starluck, Crypto, Boss Media, and any other software package that he has used or been associated with. I would take everything he says with a grain of salt since it's not too objective. He's pretty much a loose cannon on deck.

Word has it that iGlobalmedia and Starluck have improved. Let's hope they have. I'll contact them and see what's up.

I agree with the Meister that iGlobalMedia has significantly improved. However, the management is still the same, and a zebra doesn't change its stripes.

iGlobalmedia is Handa Lopez in disguise.

Just because they sponsored lunch is no reason to start trusting them now. Sheeesh

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