Casino Complaint Stargames - Locked Out


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First of all sorry for my low english.

There´s a Problem with the Gambling Provider Stargames.

I am Member for serval years... 2011 - 2012 and 2013 - 2015.
Mostly there wasn´t a reason to complain, maybe sometimes strange Support.... I call them to complain about bad customer service and terrible Bonus. In this explanation the Support told me that it isn´t possible after deleted account to come back again if you were a customer before. Then I said that I already had an account, which is closed and deposits and withdrawals also accepted and processed successfully.

Deposits and withdrawals, never a Problem. They told me again it is not possible.

Suddenly I am banned!
Now they wrote to me it is because of gambling addiction :what: and relate to their terms and conditions "J. Termination"
"Both parties are entitled to terminate the contract at any time with immediate effect without statement of a reason or cause." :Read:

After creating the second account they accepted deposits more than 100,000 € although that should not be possible?

Do they have to offset and reimburse me?

Just to close the account after high deposits isn´t legally?

I hope you can help me....


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Stargames is realy poor quality They locked players without reason and contact with support is very poor ( no live chat avalible -support answer email long period) Withdrawal time same - they are slow...

Stargames locked me without reason few yars ago .... Im find same other Novomatic software casino with great suport nice wekly bonuses + fast withdrawal in Quasar Casino.

So with Novomatic good quality brands is Casumo - Quasar - Ovo Casino - Energy Casino - forgot abaout Stargames they are bigest Novomatic casino but they dont care abaout players - trade players bad.


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Really! It´s terrible. for example 5 resolved and 25 unresolved cases... again and again you read "blocked" "locked out" "banned"...... :eek:


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I would suggest submitting a PAB (Piss a Bitch) and see what can be done.

I had a similar problem serveral years ago with Loco Panda and threatened Legal action against them Never went back to them.


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PAB doesn´t hurt them!

I already have legal advice. It´s incredibly. I´m sure that law and court will be, for my part.