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Jul 29, 2003
anyone got info on star1 casino? They owe me $100 since june, can't get them to respond to emails.
[color=0000ff]Star1Casino is one of the most trusted casinos on the Internet.[/color][color=ff0000] Our casino operates under a license granted by Costa Rican gaming council.[/color][color=0000ff] Since Star 1 Casino began operation, we have served thousands of clients worldwide. We are continually striving to offer the best customer service and the quickest payouts. We are determined to establish fair and responsible trade guidelines and practices that enhance customer confidence in the interactive gaming products and services.[/color]

You should have no fear NOT. Costa Rican Gaming Council?? I'm sure they are easy to get in touch with.
Hmmm...this is goofy. Their servers are in Cananda:

Registration and WHOIS Service Provided By:

iko soft
173bartley drive
north york, ontario l4m 1e1


Administrative Contact:
marshall, bob
173bartley drive
north york, ontario l4m 1e1

Technical Contact:
marshall, bob
173bartley drive
north york, ontario l4m 1e1

Record last updated 12-20-2002 08:15:03 AM
Record expires on 12-10-2003
Record created on 12-10-2002

Domain servers in listed order:
Gee. Bryan, How do you get all the information?
I got an "attack" (notify by Norton Internet security system warning) from you one time. I think you are just checking my IP address. How you make your computer to find the stuff???

I guess that's why you are the casinomeister...
Any word about Flamingo Beach Casino? :D

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Why do I have the feeling that one should not cross the Costa Rican Gaming Council??


The name SUNSOFTTECHNOLOGIES.COM and the contacts for the domain, tugs on a memory cord.
Give me a couple of days to go back over all my CD backups of info for gamblers lodge and I'll see what I can chase up.

From some of my archived stuff:

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aka Shopcom International Inc

From Google cached pages, as these urls are no longer live.

Our Turnkey Package Includes Everything You Need To Operate Your Own Casino


A : State of the art software
B : Interactive multimedia functions
C : Outstanding 3D graphics
D : A wide variety of international appealing style games
E : Sportsbook, lottery brokerage, and Live Horse race wagering
F : Sophisticated and secure cash system featuring a variety of payment methods
G : Java based software for Instant Play (No lengthy downloads) just Click and Play
H : Complete back office management capabilities
I : 20 casinos games plus sports wagering on all major sports
J : Play for Free or Play for Money
K: Free software updates

Shopcom International will manage the Internet Servers and Casino Software. The licensee will be responsible for client services and casino promotion.
Could this Bob Marshall be the same who is a career criminal of organized crime??

Anyone know?
From the Star1 FAQ page... :axeman:

10. Can I trust Star1Casino?
Yes. Star1Casino is dedicated to giving you the finest games and best customer service anywhere. All our games have been modeled after the classic Nevada, Atlantic City and Monte Carlo games and you'll just love our great payouts!!! Opening an account takes less than 2 minutes and you can check out the casino action immediately.

11. How do I get my winning or withdraws?
Fast and Easy. Just go to Cashier and select Withdraw and amount desired. The amount will be credited back to your Star1 account, up to the amount(s) purchased. Star1Casino is committed to making sure you get you your winnings fast, and we mean real fast!

Ooooohhhh... Well THAT should put your mind at ease... :eek:
Oh... I forgot to mention the "Huge $5" bonus they offer...WOW!!!

They will need to upgrade with all the traffic
that this will bring in... :D

And the slots are the same as uses for their Ludo games. Very impressive...NOT!!
These guys also own, a site to play games to win points. Guess where you can redeem your points? :D

I remember seeing posts from people that did this, then were having problems getting paid.
This place owes me a $100 also from a june 10th withdrawl i made. They will not answer e-mails and niether will jojo games.After searching the gambling forums i found at least 30 other people with the same complaint!!!
My next step is to contact all of jojo games advertisers to let them know they advertise on a rogue site.
Here is an update after I finally tracked this guy down trying to sell the star1 casino.My name is Doug/ Dirty Angel on the folowing posts that you will see

Author: Chris Chambers (
Date: 08-06-03 09:21

Affiliates, Large database owners,

Time to stop paying royalties and putting up with the risk of being cut off. Own your own software now - complete with source code. Our development company is heading in a different direction and will take any reasonable offers to purchase full casino & sportsbook software, affiliate tracking, complete with tournament capabilities and backend transaction processing.

Check it out at
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Call now and start taking home all of your revenues.

Chris Chambers
+1 416 450-9732

Author: Scam Site (
Date: 08-25-03 01:47

Hey Chris

What about the people you owe money to? You have plenty of players still waiting on their withdrawal request. Let me guess! You don't care do you? I think before you go off trying to sell these sites you better pay the money you owe your players.

Author: Doug Normart/DirtyAngel (
Date: 08-25-03 04:20

Yaaaaa,,, Your casino owes me $100 from 3-4 months ago.

You could at least have the decency to answer our e-mails or shut the f-cking star1 down if its not going to pay its winners.


Author: Chris Chambers (
Date: 08-26-03 08:56

Unfortunaltey you are all in line behind me for monies owed by the owner of star1casino and jojogames.

I sell software for a living and the site owner that I developed this for still owes me quite a lot. He has been since cut off but I left the sites running for the entertainment of its members.


Author: Richie Borish (
Date: 08-26-03 13:23

You left the site up for the entertainment of its members? Who are you kidding, the site still takes deposits and jojogames still has alot of sponsers that are paying for advertising. If its up for "entertainment" purposes it should say that on the site. Oh and by the way Chris YOUR SOFTWARE SUCKS!

Author: Doug Normart/DirtyAngel (
Date: 08-26-03 14:58

Yaaaa, thats a good 1,,,,,,, thats why the new banner advertising the deposit specials and free $5 to sign up was put there 2 weeks ago to entertain us too right? now i see why you didnt answer our e-mails lol.

Here is a proposition for you that might help the both of us.
I belong to a succesful computer college here in california.
what I had in mind was if you were to let my college take over the jojo and star1casino sites and use it as a ongoing teaching aid for the students,,, we would clean up the name and the site woud be spectacular with the constant supervision and care of the students and staff. You could get your money 2 ways also,,,, 1. A big tax write off claiming it as an educational donation.

2. The percent of the profits you would recieve on a regular basis every month that we would be sending you.

E-mail me at if you are interested

e-mail from Chris----

The last guy that promised me that had 1.6 million players he was going to
bring to the site that I created for him (you know who you are!).
I'm interested in your proposition, and I will email you early next week,
but please have a concrete plan of action in mind that we can discuss. You
are correct in that this site is worth nothing now since the name has been
destroyed, and btw, there hasn't been a deposit there in over 3 months.


DirtyAngel---- Thats the last I heard so far and the star1 and jojo sites are still operating. I wrote an e-mail with a diff name to inquire a deposit question and got answered so be very aware of this place!!!!

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