Star Wars - The Old Republic MMO Role Playing Game


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Apr 28, 2004
Hiya just wanted to introduce this fab game.

Swtor is a free to play mmo role playing game - As a free player you get 2 expansion + 60 levels of fab playing time, on a multi player server.
You can play as six classes, jedi or sith:- sorcerer, warrior, trooper, mercenary, operative or maruader.
If you were to google, u will find reward codes to redeem for free stuff, plus any difficulty in game just google for help.
There are currently 5 server to choose from, so game play can be extended as long as u like, u can have as many to play allowed 10 i think.
Problem is for free player, u have a million credits cap.

Only download time for the game is kinda long, like 1 and a half hr or so.Definitely need a decent pc with enuff ram to play the game.
There are 2 ways to load the game via steam or bioware ea game site.

I am a subscriber, paying £8.99 per mth and receives 500 cartel coins +subsciber benefits etc.
My credits limit is not capped, if i stop playing and become a free preferred player, i get to keep everything i have earned, most ppl just subscribe for 1 mth and stopped to become a free preferred player, so limit is not cap.

I have a referral link, and if anyone uses my referral link, they get 7 day free subscription + a bunch of free stuff.So if anyone is interested, pls. pm me for link.

Ps: hope i have posted this in the correct section, apologies if not.

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