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Wow. In what world is that acceptable?

I mean c'mon, endorsing a picture of some tool who's blacked up to look like Diane Abbott? How's that for societal progress o_O

“You’re not going to please everybody all the time.”

Maybe as part of their next advertising campaign they'll feature a minstrel show :rolleyes: Idiots


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Distasteful at the very least.

Star Sports... a betting brand that uses "credit" accounts :(


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It's hardly 'racist' is it? The joke was her inability to do basic math, and the joke is the '190' card 'she' is holding, which is obviously meant to be the max score 180. So to avoid 'racism' from now on if any UK citizen wants to take part in fancy dress any time, anywhere, they are restricted to famous (or infamous) persons from their own ethnic group? So I guess we should stop couples adopting children from outside their own ethnicity? Bullshit.

Or does that mean we should favour ethnic politicians and let them get away with their stupidity scot-free and make them exempt from criticism on account of the fact the majority of voters are white, therefore to mock or lambast them will automatically be considered 'racist'? (unless you yourself are the same colour).

Oh, and finally, the woman herself has proved time and time again that actually SHE is an anti-white bigot?
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I'm with Dunover.

I have no issues with it at all. In fact it's a clever fancydress (I hope he wins it)

To be honest, all this PC bollocks pisses me right off.

If it was a black man dressed up to look like Theresa May, it would not even have got a mentiom.