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hello all this is my story... i have actually been scammed out of my own money by them and they would not pay me...

I signed up... made 2 deposits.. 1 of $20 and 1 of $25...

I won and tried to cashout $88... a week passed, still nothing... so i emailed support and to quote this was what they said...

"This is Santi from the Circus Casino Support Team.

Please be informed that your withdrawal request in the amount of $88.30 was
approved on January 08, 2009 15:30:18 (casino time) and it will take 3 to 4
business days (weekends and holidays are not included) for the funds to
reflect in your credit card account."

a few more days passed, still nothing, so i logged into my account... and guess what? that $88 was back in my account and they had given me a bonus i never knew about or requested of $111 even tho it didnt show up in my funds...

i played a little bit more and got my earnings to around the $130 mark and cashed out I emailed support twice asking what was up with the odd figured bonus and why my request for my payout was declined even though it had been aprooved and i was told the money would show up in my bank over the next few days... few more days pass and i checked my acocunt, that request had declined and yet again i recieved another bonus of $111...

feeling very sceptical about this i emailed support again, no reply,

so what other choice did i have? but to play with my money in the hope i would reach a wagering requirement that i hadnt been informed about..

and guess what? the inevitable happened and all was lost...

if they did set a wagering requirement on my account after the bonus then it was unfair, because i had won before any bonus was mentioned, and the money i tried to cash out was MY winnings i won purely with MY money,

they didnt reply to my emails, they didnt say any reason why my withdraw was approved, and then declined,

edit: guess what... as i was typing this i saw that i had junk emails from them explaining i should try bank transfer due to them having problems with debit card payments.... omfg... so in effect i have lost over $300 because i didnt get their email... and their "technical" problem

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Never heard of them. Are you sure it is 'Circus casino' not Cirrus casino? I guess you learned a lesson, like most of us have. Leave the hinky ones alone. Sorry you had such a horrid experience.


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Never heard of them. Are you sure it is 'Circus casino' not Cirrus casino? I guess you learned a lesson, like most of us have. Leave the hinky ones alone. Sorry you had such a horrid experience.
nah its the 1 thats "reputable" it is "circus"...
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they email me now saying about their "technical problem" processing debit card requests, however i was not informed about it at the time because i would of tried to cashout via bank transfer had i of known

and that bonus of "$111" was aparantly put in my account by "mistake" which they instantly took out...

however they had made no contact to tell me it was their mistake,

it says on the main page about bonuses, and once you get a bonus you have to wager the amount of it 25x to be able to cash your money out..

so as far as i was aware the reason for it being declined was due to not meeting the $2775 wagering requirement of that $111 bonus i had thought they gave me...

i really do think now gambling days for me have gone... if i am getting ripped off out of $300 winnings from a reputable casino then what is the point?

edit: have emailed them about it and have been informed that they have passed in on to management and i will be informed soon...

i personally feel the least they could do for me is give me the full amount of my original withdrawl ($88) into my bank and give me the bonus they accidently gave me as real cash in my account

i think its still bull about their payment systems having a technical fault, because my deposits were declined sooo soon after requesting them... from my point of view the fact is they scammed me out of money that was rightfully mine and due to that bonus still being there it wouldnt let me cashout, so i was forced to wager over $2000 before they would give me my cash, which in 99.9% of cases means losing all