"Standards for Accredited Casinos"... fortune lounge may want to read this...


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Oct 5, 2005
from bryan's standards for accredited casino:
"Will not entice players to reverse cash withdrawals with bonuses or other incentives."

well, i had a withdrawl at royal vegas on dec 28th, and while i did get paid (today), the whole experience sucked. prior to a formal complaint i posted to see what i should do, and thought i'll wait a bit before the PAB or ecogra...

my pm to the rep was replied to 4 days later (ok, he/she may have been out of town at ICE or wherever), but the reply was: "I'll look into it", and that was the last i heard of it.

emails and phone calls were fruitless, so i waited (during which time they decided to take it upon themselves to REVERSE my withdrawl), so I got to wait, some more.

anyway, heres the email i received, which is cleary NOT in accordance with casinomeisters

Hi Mike
We have been made aware that some of the ACH withdrawals initiated recently have not been successfully processed. Please could I ask you to confirm whether you have received the withdrawal(s) 800 amount from Fortune Lounge. These were for withdrawals processed on your rvr******* account and was processed on the 12/31/2010 6:31:22 AM.
If you have not yet received your withdrawal please confirm so and we will ensure that your withdrawal is urgently re-issued.

Alternatively if you would prefer that we credit your withdrawal back into your casino account we would, in lieu of the delay, be happy to treat this as a purchase and credit a 25% match bonus on this into your account for your enjoyment. This will give you an additional 200 in bonus credits which is bound to make for some great gaming!

We thank you in advance for your understanding in this regard and look forward to hearing from you.

My very best regards.

Etienne G.

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