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Jun 6, 2017
[WARNING: this thread is a collection point for all the Stakers.com spam that has hit our forums recently. The perps are mostly one time posters, "I love Stakers" blah blah blah, and they're gone. Spammers and shills. You can't believe a word they say. So it's all been replaced with "*spam*". Begone foul shills!]

Anyone got any info or experience with Stakers.com?!? Website and sports book look great just never heard of them before. Any ideas?!,
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I've also just heard of it from your post, but I do not know anything about it, or whose Casino it is. Casino game selection is good but the sports page looks too cluttered for me. Interested to find out more
Anyone got any info or experience with Stakers.com?!? Website and sports book look great just never heard of them before. Any ideas?!,
They have their own UKGC license, with no other 'sister' sites.

The Casino welcome bonus terms are pretty tight though - max conversion from bonus to cash is 1xB :eek:

10. Bonus funds released to your real account could not exceed the initial welcome bonus amount, e.g. with the deposit of €10 EUR turnover requirement is €350 EUR. Bonus campaign is settled as soon as turnover requirement is reached with the maximum payout of €10 EUR.
Not possible to play from the UK yet as their licence is not quite live.

Those bonus terms :oops:

Ahh one of those. Do you know who is due to launch next? I check Gamcheck pretty regularly but there’s been no new additions as of late
Stakers plan to launch in Q2 for the UK market.

Things have been quiet recently (mainly due to bonus changes putting operators off) but next week we will finally see two Casinomeister accrediated casinos launch to UK players.
I don’t think it’s lucky Dino, can’t find any UKGC license for them. Who is it???
Stakers are now open to UK players, joined earlier this week and have had a good experience so far, quick withdrawals and quick KYC procedure. Some games were unavailable initially but they were looking at fixing them quickly.
Stakers are now open to UK players, joined earlier this week and have had a good experience so far, quick withdrawals and quick KYC procedure. Some games were unavailable initially but they were looking at fixing them quickly.

What identification do they ask for?
These guys are now open for UK players but bonus withdrawals are capped at 1x the bonus amount received.

So if you deposit £100 and get £100 bonus, the maximum you can withdraw after wagering is £100. Makes Netkan look generous :p
This has to be the worSt casino i ever encounter !!! spent 6k and not a win , the bonuses are royal joke as u must wagger 35 times and they give u a small fix amount.Not only i played a bonus and eventough i , waggered way more then 35 times and the bonus didnt clear and their excuses was that the bonus is dynamic whatever that means .stay as far as u can from this site. do not use their bonuses as u ust waste your time ad money Also the support is extremely slow and almost not existent , i doubt they will last long
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Hi Everyone, i would like an advice and i cant post a new post here as i am a new member. I have played over 7k at Stakers and noticed that when i played with money bonuesthe game give wins away as there is a wagering requirment to reach but when i played the same game with not bomus the very same game gives little if not wins. I have play this slots (AZTEC) over and over so i can safely safe the winning paterns are almost two different games. Who shall i contact to check if their games are fixed? I havesent several emails to the site but they dont reply to my emails and i think the gamblig commission should check this site as there is not way with 7k the only wins i got were when i played with their impossible bonuses which on top of it are cappped to a crazy wagering requirment and then u can only get the amount of your deposits !!! Can anyone help me? even if i dont get the monye back i want the gabmbling commissin to check their games as i want to prevent people to get conned as i feel i a did . None ever replies to the emails either . Pls help!!!!
All their slots run on genuine servers, that I can confirm. As with all UKGC casinos, I have personally set-up monitors to make sure all games communicate with recognised IPs and RNGs.

Their bonus system is a mess, and wins are capped. If you play there without a bonus they are pretty decent with withdrawals etc.

Are you saying they are ignoring your e-mails? How many have you sent and how long have you waiting?
Hi Nicola, thaks for your reply first of all. I have sent perhaps 20 emails,and the support desk ,not the chat operators but the actual support email hasnt replied to a single email fo over two weeks. I have played a lot and notice that when i played a game with a bonus , since there is the wagering times i got high wins but not a real win since i had to reach the wagering times an then it gets down once it became real money . When i played with not bonus and i have played also lot of it without it the wins are extremely lows compared. The game seems to be almost a different one. I only want to have someone checking the game , i am aware is a game of chances but also is not that ramdon as the bonus and not bonus games are sooooo different and i only played the same game over and over so i have notice the paterns. I am sure ? nope but i want a profesional to check the game . In the other hand the fact that are not replying to my email it got me so very frustrated as i paid for a service i im ot getting and i feel there is not custmer service.I have wrote to the gambling commission to explain the issue since they didnt reply to me. I can loose but i dont want to be play as a fool and i want clarity and the fact that they havent replied to me makes me even more suspiscious . Regardiing the bonus is the biggest joke in history and i dnt even how know those sort of tems and con are even allowed under UKGC laws as is the rip of from hell! All i want is to get the game and the games i played checked as i found impossible that a game pays so low when u pay cash money and so high till there is a bonus .Again thanks a lot for your reply , very much appreciated. Best regards.Icnusa
So if you deposit 100 and play with bonus you can withdraw a maximum of 100 bucks? Why? Why in gods name doe these caninos get licences with these terms? How is this possible? There is no other bonus term I have come across in my gambling time that is worse than this. They should be thrown in jail or simply don't offer bonuses. Omg
Who did tell you this? I can't simply understand. As I told in my previous post, they don't limit the payouts from your bonus, if it's a deposit one. If it's a no-deposit, there's a cap at 3X. So if you deposit 100 and play with bonus, you can withdraw any amount you won, even if it's 10.000 bucks.

What's wrong?:)) honestly

What I thought was wrong was the rogue bonus terms but it seems that is not the case. Somehow I missed your post. I just registered with them, gonna do a first deposit and take the casino bonus. Now I just have to figure out how much I am going to deposit because they offer up to 200 euro and I do want some play time. Also I just got a 10 euro free on casino and 10 euro free on sport betting. Since they are capped at only three times I think I am going to cancel them and just make a deposit. They accept Dutch players which is great.
Briefly used them before going on Gamstop. No issues with them really other than they add on bonuses randomly but all parachutes anyway.
I made a first deposit at stakers and it went smooth. They accept ideal payment for people of Netherlands. I ruined my first deposit bonus. It's the only bonus I take at casinos since anything beneath 100% bonus is not worth taking in my opinion. At first I was at 200 euro profit but then somehow started to lose each hand I played on blackjack.

Also Arthur I guess also the person hier above from stakers casino contacted me via WhatsApp after I registered. Never experienced this before on a casino. Don't know if it's good or not but I have no problems with it. If you need help you can receive it faster I guess. Can't say anything about withdrawals yet but they have a really nice game selection. Also I got some random bonuses of 8 euro. Not bad.
Withdrawal here: Extremely fast. Bonus terms are a bit hazard. When I made my first withdrawal KYC took about 2 minutes. After that my withdrawal was processed in 5 minutes.

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