WARNING Stakers.com is confiscating player's money and ignoring complaints


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Jan 20, 2004
Over the past several months we've seen complaints against Stakers.com and there seems to be a common thread connecting them:
  • player wins and requests winnings.
  • casino kicks off KYC but is never satisfied with the documents produced, keeps asking for new documents. This process drags on for months and basically never reaches a conclusion.
  • often, at some point the casino claims there is a "fraud investigation" and closes the player's account "temporarily". The account is not re-opened unless the player harasses the casino to do so.
  • more often than not the casino keeps claiming "issues" with the player and simply doesn't pay.
  • when the player files a complaint the casino simply ignores it.
Warning: Stakers.com is stalling and/or not paying player withdrawals using unsupported claims of "player issues" and inconclusive "fraud investigations" as an excuse. Players are advised to go elsewhere.
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