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Sep 1, 2004
For the past 3 weeks or so I have been having an awful time with pop up ads on my computer. I have probably downloaded at least 10 different spware/adware removers to try and resolve the problem. This is a huge concern of mine, especially since ive had my PC for over 2 years now with no problems of this nature.

At any rate, Golden Palace Casino has come up NUMEROUS times in various scans of my computer, and apparently I cant get rid of it. I uninstalled this casino over 6 months ago,...and yet like a parasite it has apparently infected itself on my computer. Also, I ran Spysweep this morning, and 2 other casinos: Diamaond Deal casino, and Ace Club Casino....both were pointed out as having Spyware software, that had latched itself onto my computer. Ace Club seemed to be the worst, as over 200 traces of it were found on my computer....it said that it was part of a shareware program???

This is a serious problem to me, and was wondering if anyone else was having similar problems with incessant pop ups as of late?
If you have any playtech casino installed on your computer, it will appear as goldenpalce spyware if you scan with "spyware search and destroy", of course this is not goldenpalce fault.

I never detected the others you mention in my computer.
I've had to put microgaming in the "ignore" list using adaware...it'll always show up with those scans - and if you choose to let it be cleaned, all your account information that was stored in the registry will be wiped out.

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