Spunking your whole deposit on 1 slot...


...Anyone else do this?

Deposit, load a game up and it ends up taking your whole bankroll?

Wish i could play a mixture of games but end up chasing losses and getting squat all in return.

Deposit again, same game, same result, just a cycle.

Maybe you should be able to set a daily loss limit on individual games.


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I'm always sticking to the one slot any given session. I don't see it as a slot session but rather a 'game' session.

Most will come good at some stage, but there are those times where absolutely nothing good happens. Not forgetting that switching games isn't always a viable option when doing modest deposits of say £20 - 30. By the time you've realized the game's diddling you, there's usually only about £10 left :mad:

I used to switch games with gay abandon when first starting out, but only when said game had given me a bonus. A case of wham bam thankyou ma'am, onto pastures new :eek:

These days I'm just a lazy c-


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what I like doing is also making sure I chip away at the 'collect' slots - Vikings Go Berzerk, Double Dragons - for that day I'm low and have a slot where I'm perhaps not as likely to sink loads in to trigger


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I’m sure I’ve done this before playing Bonanza, Quick Hits Platinum, Prowling Panther, Stinkin’ Rich and Dragon’s Temple online and many times at the locals.


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Switching games all the time, although granted it is usually the same 5-6 games max (Usually stretch a £25 deposit plus a small bonus to do this)

Only time I venture to new or lesser played games is if I manage to build my bank roll nice and early and have wagering to do.

Very rarely let one game "destroy me" unless i) It hasn't given anything for a good few 'visits ii) I'm seriously pissed off or over tired. (the times I am actually HAPPY to bust are becoming more and more often)


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Used to do this on Dead or Alive a lot, but these days play a variety of slots. If a game doesn't pay after 100 odd spins I'll move on.

Maybe just me, but the word 'spunking' gives me the heebie jeebies :eek:


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Been there done that. Depending if I know the game well or not depends how long I play, sometimes I think, yeah bonus on route, but we never really know, you know that feeling right? What i'll so now is lo-roll on the slot when it eats, say starting at 90p spins, drop to 30p spins, as any decent win at 30p, brings the balanace back up.

I had a good run at it lastnight, went in with £28, lo balling on IMR at 30p, managed a few hits, tried playboy, hit a bonus at 60p, nothing much gained, then a new game untamed panda, hit a good bonus at £1.20 spin and left with £300. Always start low now.


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Yep - have to confess to doing that a few times in recent years.

Most recently on that b*tch of a game Moon Princess:
Deposit €200-300 and think "I'll just give it a few spins - €50 or €100 loss max"... 10 minutes later - bank = €0 :mad:
Play with fire...



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I've done it numerous times, say deposit 100 intending 50 max loss on BoRe Deluxe then switch to Rhino at 50, the first slot takes the 50 quite quickly so I think it cannot continue being so bad so I carry on - and yes! the whole bankroll spunked on one slot in one visit....:mad: