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Spring...what does it mean to you?

Discussion in 'The Attic' started by dionysus, Mar 16, 2016.

    Mar 16, 2016
  1. dionysus

    dionysus can turn wine into water CAG MM

    I'm a Canucklehead
    It's grey and absolutely tons of rain outside and while it's the kind of day you complain about in July, today it just feels like spring is here and winter is gone finally :)

    Around here, spring means -
    The Good:
    - camping baby! Camping is right around the corner...tenting, bonfires, drinking on the deck
    - no more rotten snow and changing into tees and shorts and sandals and packing up the parkas and clunky winter boots
    - spring cleaning (I know..what, good?) Opening the windows, turning off the heat, rearranging the house, putting out lawn and deck decos
    - leaving the door open 24/7 so the dogs can come and go and not getting up every 5 minutes. ("Let me out so I can come in daddy')

    The Bad:
    - Mud tracked through every inch of the house
    - Shedding (5x a day sweeping..really, you're just making room for the next layer of hair to settle)
    - 4am pee time - if the birds are awake, so are the dogs
    - Allergies. Fun times!

    I guess because it can snow here for 7 months, spring is just pretty exciting. You can feel it in the air. You feel GOOD!

    How's it different for you guys?
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  2. Mar 16, 2016
  3. Jono777

    Jono777 Meister Member CAG mm4 mm1

    Self- Employeed
    Spring, the good, the bad and the Ugly

    The Good

    No more dark, rainy and cold nights, find it easier to get up in a morning, kids and family are generally happier and my gas bill reduces drastically!

    Look forward and enjoy days out with family, park trips etc.

    The Bad

    Harder with light nights to get kids to settle down at bed time, days when work is low, nothing on seem to drag on forever, roll on bed time lol!

    The Ugly

    Oh no! - No more excuses, both lawns to mow (and the back garden is looonngg) loads of gardening in general, take this washing out to hang, fetch this washing in, is the back door locked, nag nag lolol.
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  4. Mar 16, 2016
  5. Harry_BKK

    Harry_BKK Meister Member CAG mm1

    job is OK
    A bit difficult to say when you live in Bangkok - 365 days/year 35+ degrees C (95+ degrees F) and the only difference is rainy season or not. :D

    Currently we have what I call "Bangkok Summer", goes from March to April - up to 40-42 degrees C, clear skies, very little rain and thunderstorms.

    But i remember very well my childhood days growing up in a small village close the the Carpathian Mountains. 1.5+ m of snow and -35 degrees C during winter were not unheard off. Spring meant longer days, sunshine, collecting the first "snowdrops", playing outside without having to dress like an Eskimo :D

    It also meant the start of hard work on the farm, getting everything ready for the sowing, cleaning out the farm from the winter staff, repairing damages, animals like sheep to the summer quarters etc. etc. Hard work but we enjoyed it for some reason.
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  6. Mar 16, 2016
  7. dionysus

    dionysus can turn wine into water CAG MM

    I'm a Canucklehead
    Ah yes, more sun, more light :) Instead of being 6pm and putting on pjs, it's 9 pm and feeling, hey, still light out, let's do something :)

    I forgot the UGLY:
    Having to tackle the million poos out back that the snow hid all winter :(
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