Spring Breaks

No, not at all.
Unlucky, but not unusual. Chances of hitting are 1 in 130-ish - so none in 400 = a 3:1 chance.
I've heard of people doing 1000 spins without the free-spins :eek:
(Not me - I would give up way before that!)
If the chance of hitting is 1 in 130, then the chance of hitting none in 400 is (129/130)^400 = ~5%
I find Spring Break and Thunderstruck are very very streaky.

Im not a high roller, and usually keep my bets on these games to around $1.35

Once I got the free spins 5 seperate times within 25 spins. I raised the bet each time until i hit the 5th lot of free spins on $11.25 and ended up cashing out around $2500. I started with a $30 deposit.

Mind you - Ive done my knackers as well plenty of times so Im not here to tell you I'm ahead of the game - only that it can pay very well.

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