Question Sportsnation- Bets while abroad

Will they refund me money lost while I was abroad

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Sep 3, 2013
This was my email to sportsnations CEO after the issues... it explains all.

I have an account with sportnation. This account has been held for quite some time and I feel I’m quite a valuable customer for the company.

I live in the uk and went abroad on 8th April to Dominican Republic for 2 weeks. I logged into my Account as usual from abroad and placed many bets and deposited quite an amount of money. I placed numerous bets each day until day 13 I went to login and it said I had to contact customer support. I therefore did so and was asked where I was. The person in the live chat stated it was a uk company and I couldn’t bet while abroad in line with our UK gambling license, they didn’t know how I was able to login and place bets, they said the system should have picked it up immediately however it hadn’t in my case for some reason which was possibly a system error on your behalf, they stated it only had picked it up yesterday after 13 days of betting. I was pointed to term 13 of the terms and conditions which actually states that if in breach of the terms all bets would be voided. Today I went to login and for the first time it actually stated on the login page that I can’t login from Dominican. It’s extremely strange why I haven’t seen this message before, especially considering the 300 plus logins I have done since entering Dominican Republic. I had no clue I couldn’t bet from here, and did not know it breaches your gambling license to accept bets from this country. I therefore request a full refund of all my deposits (minus my withdrawal), all bets I expect to be voided and this would bring this matter to a close. If the deposits are not returned to me I would have no choice but to take this matter to the commission and then to the claims court.

Their terms even state this;


The pic attached is the info I got after 13 days of betting abroad after they asked me where I was and told them immediately abroad as I was inaware that they didn’t take bets while abroad.

They responded and literally said no and they can accept bets from anywhere under their license etc. Do I have a chance to claim the money back from while I was abroad?


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Jan 8, 2014
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Seriously are you on a one man mission to claim back everything from everyone.

How can you say you are a valued customer when you should not even be gambling because of your addiction.

You started another thread yesterday Self excluded shop where you want your money back from a shop as you were self excluded in it and even kept all your losing slips. Seems to me you are trying to gamble in such a way that if you get caught or lose you can try and claim back all your losses