Sportsbooks and Casinos: Some thoughts


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Dec 1, 2004
I am playing online casinos since about four years and must have played so far several hundred. Since some time I switched additionally to sportsbetting. What strikes me when comparing casinos and sportsbooks is the far superior service sportsbooks provide to their clients in comparison to casinos. Let us take the crucial and most important issue: The payout time and procedure. A big sportsbook that is not transferring within minutes or hours several thousand dollars to your Neteller account would create rumours of financial problems. Online Gamers were praising a casino like Phoenician (paying in minutes) like the second coming of Christ. Amongst sportsbooks such payout speeds are nothing unusual. It is just amazing to see the bueraucratic procedures (fax back forms) shadowy backyard operations like many RTG casinos develop for the withdrawal of $100 or $200 while major sportsbooks are just laughing about five digit withdrawals. It is also amazing how we online gamers accept that huge casino operations like CON insist on a five day withdrawal time, and how casinos run on Playtech software can remain in the market with a five day withdrawal time for payouts.
I personally think that it is time that online gamers start making noise about these market conditions and by their choice of online casinos or sportsbooks tell complacent casino managers that the market economy can well function and that they either create customer satisfaction or will disappear from the market.
Sharp post.

Most, if not all, sportsbooks pay to Neteller within 24 hours. A lot of them pay within 2 hours. 4 figure and 5 figure withdrawals.

I've played at a lot of sportsbooks, and never once had to send my ID or fill out any bogus form.

Casinos are simply a year or two behind the learning curve.

Great Great post, never will understand why it takes 7 days for con to pay someone, If you been a customer for 3 months use neteller why do you have to wait so long.

If you use neteller and take no bonus why do u have to wait 5 to 7days? They should pay interest on are money

Also neteller need to pay interest on are money, like paypal use to do.

bodog and bet365 paid me thousands quickly no problems ask at all, no fax back.

If a casino is not well funded , they need to be close down. And players need to stop playing at casinos that has a reputation of slow pay, just for a bonus.

Why is connectto casino, prism still around?

How come golden palace can pay out 5 figures for a old rotten sandwich, but cant pay there players in a week. They need to be put on notice
The bigger sportsbooks are well capitalized. Also the cashflow is bigger. The BIG successful books pay. THere are tons of rogue books, and rogue book groups. Just like casinos. But the difference is the market leaders learned customer service, have a big first mover advantage. Mature customer bases. Adequate capital. Youre average casino has paid a lot up from tfor software, licensing, advertising, cs, a manager etc. They want you to lose, and not cash out. Thats the business model that appears to work for them. Books learned even the suckers win sometimes. ANd if a sucker makes tens of thousands you better pay him. Now. The stakes are bigger as well. THey also have competition a lot of casinos dont. The neighbourhood bookmaker. Ive been in poker games with them, and heard them tell people horror stories about books not paying, stalling, asking for this or that.
UNless youre near vegas in the US, you are shut out of the "legit" sports betting market. Overseas they have legit live books around. So online books have to compete harder. Whats the advantage of pinnacle? Bigger limits, anonymity for lines, and fast pays. No need to meet and exchange funds. The casinos just dont feel the pressure to adapt. THeyre fishing for the one or two suckers a month who drop a lot. WHo cares if they piss off a Minimum depositor who wants to get a bonus, play it thru, and pray they get their money in a week.
You may pay the light bill, but you arent the profit they want. I wouldnt knock CON though, they have been around and paying for a long time. I personally stopped playing there because the software woudlnt work on my computer, and tech support wasnt prompt and it just never worked well. I got about a hand of black jack every 3 minutes. Its deplorable, but if a casino pays in 2-3 days without being a dick, they are gold. I guess its all relative huh.

Remember that sportsbooks have been on the industry for longer time than casinos.

Regarding customer service you couldn't be more right. Is hard to find an online casino cs that will compare to one of established and respected book.

Maybe casinos like Bodog or Bet365, which are related to big books, will provide such a good service.

Payouts have always impressed me on the online casino industry... WAY TOO SLOW. I used to work for a sportsbook where payouts were approved within 2 hours of request if less of $1k... when they were over $1k they use to take about 5 hours. When I worked for an online casino and payouts were approved in 3 to 5 BUSINESS days I couldn't understand why players played there... The thing is that you must understand that when you win a big amount on an online casino they will review your game sessions, specially if your winnings come from BJ or games like Caribbean Stud...

A payout range of 24 hours will be perfect for me. Fast payouts and fine customer service are always appreciated by customers
There are 6 six casinos which pay instantly,and about 30 casinos which pay on same day.So payout times are noo too bad on these days.

I havent too much experience with sportbooks but I have thought,casinos are better than sportsbooks about any subject.
Could you please tell those of us who don't know, which casinos pay instantly? Does it have to be to Neteller or a specific withdrawal method? I use Instadebit. Thanks!
casino extreme,challenge,musichall,ukclub casino,nostalgia,ladbrokes pay instantly.Canbetcasino (queensclub) pay in about an hour.

Extreme pays to moneybookers instantly,to..But others only pay to neteller instantly.

I think there arent any casino that pays to instadebit instantly.

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