Here is my situation. My friend and I set up a new account with We ended up winning well over $500 over one weekend. They credited my friend's credit card for the inital deposit and told us the check was in the mail. My friend was in the process of moving and called with his new address but somehow they took down the incorrect address or so they say. They then wanted us to verify the new address. My friend has sent numerous copies of his driver's license and credit card statement to but they still refuse to send a check. If anyone has any advise on how to get our money please let me know. Meanwhile stay away from or better yet give them a call and ask them why they rip off new customers.
Our account ID# is 965959730.'s phone number is 1-800-996-5152. Ask for Brenda. She is the head of the cashier department who has repeatedly hung up on me. They think that because they are on some island they can just rip people off. Call Brenda and ask her why she won't pay us.
You can also e-mail me personally at with any advice.