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Mar 25, 2005
I have had a really good experience with Sports Interaction lately. They had reduced my betting limits on MLB to $55 back in 2006, and I was able to get them to remove that limitation. I had to provide them with new identification documents because I changed my address since the last time I played there, but once that was settled I received a payout on my winnings in 3 days. We also worked out a deal regarding my affiliate account with them that was advantageous to me.

They have a wide variety of casino games that can be accessed from the same account as the sportsbook, so that's nice when I want to get my pai gow poker on. :)

I will definitely PAB when I get mistreated by an online gambling site, so when I get good service it only seems fair that I share that information as well.

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May 29, 2004
They have always been "quietly" good in my opinion. You don't hear too much about them but like you, as a player who used to play a lot of Playtech games I always found them very good. One of the first Playtech's to ditch the reverse feature too.

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