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Dormant account
Jun 15, 2007
I was only alerted to the situation when I got my account blocked on ezinearticles. I forwarded them the origin of the article & contacted about the misunderstanding. It went along the lines of......I understand you are hiring writers......He is the proof that this is not your content.....please credit a link to XXXX or remove the content.....I'm sure it was not intentional.

No reply. A big FU. I requested they either remove content or add a crediting link. My submission was a waste of time due to the fact that the stolen content is now PR 4 & mine will go down as Dup content.

That was one out of 3 bans I got that week, all got overturned another was via an issue over content posted from a well respected/scam pokeraffiliate forum - This was tracked to one of their moderators. Im not that surprised with that person. Ive seen similar complains being shot down in flames from their respectable forum members

"Poker Fan" Launched by Sports Direct.

Yet another poker magazine has launched, this one from gaming publisher SportsDirect, titled

The new publication claims to be an online resource for everything from tutorials for beginners to advanced strategy for experienced players. Readers will be able to learn the basics of popular Poker games such as Texas Hold’em as well as learn advanced techniques on bluffing and Poker tournament strategies and a forum.

Exclusive content and columns from Poker professionals and writers will be regularly presented, with poker commentators such as Dave Scharf and Devin Armstrong as contributors. Staff writers and special guest columnists will report live from top poker tournaments around the world.

This was after 2005. I didnt realize I was one of their staff contributers