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Mar 11, 2005
Guys does anyone play at sportingbet poker???? I played here a few times and liked it. Then the other day the had a big upgrade and ever since then for some reason when I download the software it will not load on my computer? Anyone else having this problem with them? A buddy of mine is having the same problem as me. So It must be them. I have contacted them and they keep telling me to turn off my firewall and hold down the "CTRL key" while downloading and it doesn't help. Any body have any idea???? :confused:

works for me now. I play there too. The software is getting better all the time. I like the software very much (bossmedia). They just recently added so that you can play multiple tables at the same time. Its the best of bossmedia poker rooms because they process withdrawals independently (not webdollar),and usually you will recieve your withdrawal within 24 hours.

like it also

I like the fast payouts to. Always been paid within 24 hours. I just contaced them and found out that people with Windows XP can't load the software for some reason. They have people working on it and are hoping to have the problem solved by tommorrow. I hope they do. I miss playing there. :thumbsup:
I have XP and was playing on there 2 days ago :thumbsup: Finally they allow multitabling and with some of the worst players on the planet it makes for wild games. This is the first site where I have seen all 10 players see the flop!!
still not working

Do you have the service pack 2? When I contacted them they told me they are having problems with Windows Xp and those who have upgraded to the service pack 2. Something about a patch they have to work out. They did tell me yesterday that I should be able to play today. So we shall see. Going to contact them again in a few and see what happens. :thumbsup:
Yep I have SP2. Strange it works for some and not others. Bit like the Prima problem that slows my pc to a crawl yet some players are not affected.

Yeah I don't no why that is. Guess your proof that it is working for some but I'm proof that it's not working for others. :D Hoping they get it fixed soon. I miss playing. :p

A few friends of mine also can't get it to work. Very strange. Could it be because we have E-machine computers :confused:

May I ask what type of computer you have?
nice computer

Wow sounds like one hell of a system. Yeah I got a crappy E-machines. I have two of them and have had nothing but problems with them. Going to purchase a Dell or Gateway soon and hopefully have no problems :D

Your computer :notworthy

Waiting to here from them still. Just tried downloading and installing it. No luck. :(

"I just contaced them and found out that people with Windows XP can't load the software for some reason. They have people working on it and are hoping to have the problem solved by tommorrow."

What they said was a lie. It works just fine for windows xp has worked for the whole time. I have winxp with sp2. Some support representative just wanted to get rid of you and said something like that.

you really think so

Wow you really think they wanted to get rid of me? But why? I don't see any reason to do that. Guess I'm going to have to try to get to the bottom of this. :confused:

Do you have a E-machines computer?

I think the support person didnt know any way to help you so he lied. Thats the way it works sometimes.

I dont think i have an e-machines computer, what is that? ;)

here is what I got on Friday


Thank you for your e-mail regarding your account.

We are sorry to hear none of the fixes suggested have been successful
in solving the problems you have experienced since our recent upgrade.

This problem has not been unique to you, however the vast majority of
our customers who engage Windows XP service pack 2 have overcome the
initial problems by employing the short term solutions recommended by our
technical department, and we now have 99% of pre-upgrade customers
active within their accounts, and no new registrations have had any
conflict with the software and their operating system.

We are now awaiting a final fix from our technical department to
overcome any outstanding issues of Window Xp users, which will also take into
account any previous and future 'download patches' recommended by the
manufacturer of the operating system. We expect this to be implemented
still can't play???

They claim they are working on it and it has been weeks now. And I still can't play. Getting very annoyed with these guys. Use to love to play there but I don't know what is going on now. Plenty of other people with Windows Xp are having no problems. Hoping they get whatever they need to get fixed soon so I can play.

Anyone else at all having problems playing there :confused:

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