Sportingbet gets Skillground games


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001

20 million customers will have access to range of skill games.

Newcomer on the skill gaming provider scene, has signed up the major UK online gambling group for its suite of action games, widening its accessibility by some 20 million registered Sportingbet clients.

Cryptologic co-founder Mark Rivkin's GMI Technology Limited announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, SkillGround had signed the exclusive partnership with, one of the worlds leading online sports betting and gaming sites. SkillGround will be the exclusive provider of head-to-head video game action where players can play for cash or just for fun.

Cryptologic co-founder Mark Rivkin and at least two other ex-Cryptologic execs are involved in GMI (Groove Media.)

The arrangement is in response to the increasing demands of gaming audiences for an entertaining gaming product that incorporates video game gameplay with the excitement of being able to win cash prizes based solely on individual performance.

"We are delighted to be working with which is recognised in the industry as one of the most powerful sites in egaming. This partnership introduces SkillGround to a new and very large installed base. It confirms that the online gaming community is interested in playing skill-based games for cash." said Michael Haines, Managing Director of SkillGround.

A spokesman for Sportingbet said that players will soon be able to compete for fun or cash prizes in a secure and fair environment with SkillGrounds line-up of games which includes WarPath, Close Quarters Conflict, L.A. Street Racing, Kung Fu: Deadly Arts and soon to be released Ultimate Tour Golf as well as SkillGrounds first third party licensed game, ToCA Race Driver 3, from leading game publisher Codemasters.

Our partnership with SkillGround was a natural fit for our customers and our business, says Paul Roberts, Director of Products. We are always excited to offer original and innovative gaming concepts that appeal to existing customers and help attract new ones."
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