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Oct 1, 2008
I had to find this out the hard way but hey, better later than never.

I thought and was told by support that their games offered on "Games" page are licensed by Alderney and not only that there is a section 1.4 in their rules which begins with this statement:
"1.4 All sports bets and "games-room" gaming bets are placed and received in the jurisdiction of Alderney in accordance with the terms of the Alderney licence issued by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (the “AGCC”) which is held by Interactive Sports (C.I.) Limited."

Beside me having issues with their RTP and I still cant get rid of the feeling that slots are weighted, my first contact with Alderney was about inability to exclude myself from everything but Poker and Sportsbook.

After Alderney sent me a reply from which I could read that they do not license games on "Games" page I went back to live support and was told again that Alderney in fact is the one who licensed "Games" page. When I said that it is not true I received a response that I should check the "Rules" and that games offered on "Games" page are in fact licensed by Antigua and Barbuda. So in fact no real license. Their rules contradicts itself in very same 1.4 section of the rules when it starts dividing license scope to portions of the games offered and only few of them are licensed by Alderney, most of them are not which contradicts with quoted line from their 1.4 rule.

My payouts were almost in timely manner so no issues there. Stay away from their "Games" page and everything will be fine. No proof of course but I believe slots offered on that page are weighted and that they can manipulate RTP for every player. For example, if I win certain amount on betting I would immediately begin to get payout around 50% or even less! If I lose the bet than I might get half of the amount or in some cases entire amount lost in that bet by playing slots but not more. There are other things related to slots but this would suffice because this thread is not about slots.

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Apr 17, 2009
been hearing loads of complaints from sportingbet, havent seen any wrongdoing from them as to my account goes, kinds weird


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Sep 28, 2010
I am betting on betfair, i trust to them, they always pay money if i win) Now i am betting on League Champions, Chelsea forward)