Splitting Withdrawal Rules BetAt?!


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Hey there,

as you guys know i'm registered at pretty much most of the accredited casinos. I know all the basic rules, and most casinos enforce the "payout has to go to the same method used for deposit", i get that.

But through all the years i've never came along this specific rule they have at Betat...

1. Deposited via Neteller and wanted to withdraw to Neteller. (Used mostly Skrill before for deposit and withdrawals without any problems)
2. They send me an e-mail that they need to send part of it back to my Credit Card... I then explained that i have used the credit card a while ago, but not for this deposit and my balance was on zero before i deposited via Neteller... Still they say they count in the deposit methods used before, thats why i have to withdraw parts back to my CC...?!?

Any other casino has this rule?? I really don't like it at all. If i deposit via 1 method, i want the possibility to get the whole cashout to the same method back and not have a weird rule that i have to split the payout because i have used a different method a while ago (without making it to a cashout).

Never came across something like this... Would be good to know which casinos have those rules as well (counting in past busted deposits when making a withdrawal) as i really don't like to split.



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Surprised you have never saw that rule before.

I am afraid many casinos have the same rule. Even William hill I use splits my withdrawal between my debit card and neteller account. In fact last couple of deposits I had went to debit card even tho I had used neteller in depositing.

Think it says in a lot of casinos terms that withdrawals must be sent to depositing methods till the amount deposited from each has been reached and anything else withdrawn can go to the method of your choice.


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Wow... really never happened to me before, they didn't care about past deposits.... well, i've learned something new! I will stick to the casinos that don't split for the future :)


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Most casinos are supposed to abide by the same rules. But the majority don't bother that much.

Betat tend to be very strict about it, verging on paranoid, lol


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I've had this before. It can cause problems when the player no longer has the old card and has closed the account it is attached to.

The explanation I got from Jackpot Factory is that they log card deposits in the last 6 months, and their first port of call is to match withdrawals to past deposits, and this is regardless of whether the player busted out. It can mean that some deposits made several months ago and lost suddenly become an issue with a withdrawal.

It's one reason I try to avoid cards and stick with Neteller.

Most casinos seem to waive this restriction for VIP players.

It can also put someone in breach of the terms for the credit card, as many state that you may not have "a positive balance" on the account, which can easily happen where a decent win gets refunded to cover all deposits over several months, which the card holder has already paid off.

Casinos may be willing to send a cheque instead of insisting the money goes back to the card, but most will not allow an eWallet to be the substitute unless the player has some history, and the casino account is "in good standing".

In practice, I have found card refunds to be pretty quick. The only problem is how the issuing bank handles a large positive balance resulting from a merchant refund. Barclaycard didn't give me any trouble when I went several K positive when a big win all went back to the card. I requested they pay the surplus into my bank account, which they did. It was, however, a card I used almost exclusively for gambling, so they probably knew the refund was legit. It happened as Barclaycard changed the terms to discourage use for gambling, so I didn't want to deposit the surplus back into casinos and risk being charged the 3% "cash advance fee" on top.

Once they have done this split, there should be nothing left to go back to this card, so as long as you stick with Neteller or Skrill in future, your cashins will go to one or both of these wallets.


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Hi Hoff,
If you can pm me your username, I'll happily look into this for you.
Hi there,

it has been sorted out, i did split the withdrawal now.... Will stick to one method at Betat for the future, so that this won't happen again!



The same thing happend to me ag GUTS 1 week ago. I wanted withdrawl and they send me email saying i have to withdrawl to skrill AND neteller but this was not a problem for me and i did it ^^


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I have also had same problem happened at Guts couple of times. But they always have superb support and very kindly explain everything despite I know I have lost my head badly sometimes. Just could not understand why in the world do I need to withdraw to my card as well when last 117 deposits was Skrill.

But no they have been very good anyways and dealt with it quick and nice. Also refunded extra charge for making 2 withdrawals at the times. Again my own fault using debit card in between ;)


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I had the same email the other week, wasn't to bothered as I rarely use ewallets, I suppose any good casino would be able to help out if card no longer in use ect, Its due to the money laundering mostly