Spirit Of The Bonus~~!


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Jun 30, 2015
"Spirit of the Bonus"
"Spirit of the Bonus"
No such animal. If the casino offers a bonus, the casino should not assume on what grounds the bonus should be accepted. If the player wants to just play and watch the reels spin or is playing to make a profit, it is not up to the casino to enforce subjective terms like "spirit"

If the casino sending you VIP special offer bonus(freechips) and when you get the little of this to playing,after few hours i met the playtough and withdraw winnings funds,the payout department wont paying you any cent and void all the winnings without any discuss to you,just told you claiming multiple bonus is the reason......
this really act like wild animal.....starting using the kungfu Tai Chi push east pust west,send the verify DOC need send it 3times because of not received it......hahaha very Q reason
special giving you kind of bonus dunno what is the "BONUS" meaningful!!!!

"Spirit of the Bonus" This words is PAB manager maxd 2010 on casinomeister given


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Jan 20, 2004
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