Question Spinit casino bonus !


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Feb 8, 2017
hey guys ! basically my mrs taken a bonus on spinit casino last night she was playing along happy as larry then she decided to check the wagering . little did she know there was a forefit button at the bottom of the screen . playing on a touch screen mobile device she scrolled down the page and accidently caught the button . now youd think there would be a warning message confirming you want to cancel your bonus etc but no nothing . now she spoken to live chat to be greeted by a guy called alex . explained the situation and all he said was nothing we can do but i can give you the bonus again ... ill not bore you with the rest of the conversation but it resulted in mr submmiting a complaint .. now is there anything the casino can do to reinstate the bonus ? it was heading towards decent profit and it would be a bugger to miss out on !! also are there any reps knocking about ??