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May 26, 2018
Hi all
I am new here but my husband is a regular.
i dont normally do this stuff and i am technophobe and a pure noob to slots

I recently signed up to Spinit Casino and have had a horrendous time with them.

I used a email offer to join them and did not get the bonus I was offered as a advertised.

I deposited 3 times won £4500 and followed all the process of playing at a casino.

They asked for a lot of extra verification's pictures more than normal which I gladly supplied to them.

Then I received an email on the 17/05/18 stating my account was verified then 1 hour later they sent me a email saying I was breach of terms.

"This e-mail has been sent to inform you that your winnings have been removed due to a breach of our Bonus Terms and Conditions.

You can only have one account with Spinit. This means one offer per household address, IP, email address, telephone number and payment method. Accounts on shared computers are also limited to a single account, for example a public library or workplace."

I complained to them as the support person suggested I should do, so I explained to them I only have 1 account at this site.

The next day they closed my account without telling me with winnings or deposits in hiatus .

Then after speaking to support they told me that a security check investigation was taking place.

This casino failed to advise me of any of this.

Days gone bye nothing again was communicated to me.

I chased them and sent emails I even told them what time I finish work to speak to them.

I work as a housekeeper at the Edinburgh Hospital Cancer unit.

I returned home one day and my husband told me that he had a few calls on my mobile .

My personal Mobile which I choose to leave at home on charge as I have a works mobile.

Later that day I received a call from Spinit I was asked some questions some were easy some were difficult because it was days ago.

Apart from accent problems and poor sound quality it was a little difficult to communicate to the chap.

Again no issues and questions were answered accurately.

Days went by again until 25/05/18

I received this email.

"Kindly note that your account was reviewed again by our Security Team as per your complaint.

We have tried to contact you on your registered phone number, but someone else answered the call.

We would like to point out that this is the third time that the registered phone number is replied to by another person.

Due to data protection regulations we cannot give details to anyone but the registered account holder.

Considering the evidence that we have gathered from your account activity and links to other accounts, and adding the evidence from the security verification call that was held on 18/05/2018, it was concluded that the gaming account was not controlled by yourself.

Please not that this is a clear breach of our T&Cs.

Due to the above breach, any winnings in the gaming account have been voided."

According to this email

I am being denied my winnings based that I didn’t answer my phone, That the account is not controlled by me That’s despite sending them all my personal information and taking selfies etc and talking to them .

It my money my winnings my bank details and my photos so this is non-sense.

I have be fully compliant with their investigation and have constantly told them to contact me after 6:30pm They have called at 11:49 on the 24th and other calls were before 12pm

I complained to them again but all they say there decision is final and have a lovely day.grr

I felt that I have no right to reply at any stage and they shifted and stalled to save them paying me .

The complaint procedure lacked customer support and explanation their own live chat didn’t know what was going on.

The breach seem based on the vaguest and non-sense reasons and the confiscation of my funds makes this hard to take.
Casinomeister has a spinit rep but he is powerless to help me he says my only option is to go to IBAS which i have done.MAxd has also helped me and has been a great advisor i only wish the law was a bit more flexible to allow experts like MAxd fight in my corner.So beware Spinit are good at spinning it .there seems to be a growing problem with this casino.

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