WARNING SpinEmpire is confiscating winnings, ignoring player issues


Complaints (PAB) Manager
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Jan 20, 2004
Several weeks ago a player came to us to report that the casino had deleted his account when he requested a €1100 withdrawal. At first the casino told the player this was because of a discrepancy in the player's KYC documents but when pressed said only "other departments are looking into it". After six weeks and 22 ignored emails the player reported the case to us.

When we approached the casino they said "we already addressed it to the relevant department" and that they'd contact the player to resolve the complaint. Nothing happened. Repeated attempts to raise the issue to discuss details were ignored:

Warning : SpinEmpire is confiscating player balances without reasonable explanation. They are also ignoring player complaints. Players are advised to look elsewhere for their gambling services.

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