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Oct 19, 2003
I'm so sad right now. I have always enjoyed playing at Spin Palace. I took advantage of a 100% match bonus. I lost all of the money and the account balance was (0)zero. I made a deposit today and made a slight profit and asked for a withdrawal. My withdrawal was rejected because I was told I had to finish playing out the bonus terms even though my account balance had been zeroed out.

My contention was I lost all of my deposit plus the bonus and the account balance was zeroed out. Therefore, this deposit should not have any wagering requirements attached to it.

Does anyone know when these changes took place?

Some casinos consider a bustout the end of your wagering requirement and others don't. It's something that you have to email support and ask when you play at a casino.

Consider this a lesson learned and good luck finishing off the WR.
I beg to differ. I've been playing at Spin Palace for around a year and a half and have taken advantage of bonuses' almost every weekend. This is the first time that after I bust out that any future deposits will need to be used towards the wagering requirement from a one time bonus.

Spin Palace has always been on the up and up and had clear terms and conditions which is why I still don't understand when this change took place.
I only recently checked with support (about a week ago) who told me that if you zero out the wagering requirements are null and void.

Have you pointed out to them that you zero'd out? Sometimes with MG casinos their systems don't register it and therefore they miss it. I've had it happen at FL, Bellerock and Casino Action but after pointing out that I zero'd out on the previous promotions they processed the withdrawal.
Have you pointed out to them that you zero'd out?

I did since I was like you and just figured it was a mistake. However, after 2 emails and a phone conversation telling me that I was wrong and that even though I had zeroed out, I still will have to fulfill the wagering requirements before I can ever withdraw from there.

I've asked to have the problem passed up to a supervisor since the two individuals I emailed with and then the individual I spoke with are absolutely certain that it doesn't matter that I zeroed out.

I'm hoping this isn't a new change that I haven't heard of since this has always been one of my favorite casinos..

I just received a phone call from Spin Palace customer service apologizing profusely for the error. They said they had reexamined my account again and I was correct.

Spin Palace will stay on my list of favorites..
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vickie40 said:
I've asked to have the problem passed up to a supervisor since the two individuals I emailed with and then the individual I spoke with are absolutely certain that it doesn't matter that I zeroed out.

Only the fact that they can say this to begin with is a little disturbing. I play alot and high at Spin Palace as it's my favourite casino and expect support to know whats allowed and not allowed.
Many people would most lightly have played away winnings again trying to fullfill T&C's that aren't even valid to begin with, not good.

ive had similar problems with spinpalace and rubyfortune. It appears that they have some kind of automatic system for playtrough requirements, which somtimes fails to zero out the requirements OR a cashier who doesnt know when the requirements zero out .

In any case, they have always handled the matter professionally after me pointing out i have filled their rules.

This happened to me once at this site. I wrote them an email explaining the situation. They cleared the old requirments and said I could cashout.

Just wondering if this works like most of the RTG's - you have to log out after zeroing, then log back in before you make another deposit to ensure the WR is wiped out.

Did you do this, or did you just head straight for the bank when you hit zero?
And was it completely $0.00?
Just in case no one saw the update I had done. I was contacted via telephone by Gary (Customer Service) after I had spoken with him earlier in the day. He never really gave me an answer as to why there was the confusion surrounding this situation. I've been playing online for to many years now so I had logged out of the casino completely and didn't log back in until about 12-14 hours later.

It was just strange because I've always had great customer support at Spin Palace (I mean almost immediately they will always resolve any questions) which was why this was so unusual.

However, the withdrawal was put back into pending status and then flushed immediately upon my request which was what I had tried to do to begin with.
FL's system reports zeroing out in the 'early hours of the morning' and I imagine maybe this is the case with other MGs also.

Because it was less than 24 hours from you busting out to depositing again maybe that's what caused the problem.

Don't know why it is like this though, it certainly doesn't make sense. All it does it put players off immediately depositing again when they have lost with a bonus, certainly not in the casinos best interests.
Spin Palace and Ruby Fortune seem to have problems calculating the correct WR. I had two withdrawals reversed recently when I had met the WR. I did not bust out with a bonus recently, so it should have been very straightforward. It is not very helpful that they just send a generic e-mail that your withdrawal has been reversed, they won't tell you how much more you need to wager. I would like to see an e-mail detailing that the WR was x, you wagered y, you still need to wager x-y. If they did this, I am sure they would make fewer mistakes. It is a good thing that I keep track of all my play, so I knew to the penny exactly how much I wagered.

It would be also nice to have a tool at the player end which would show how much you wagered and won or lost on a particular game in particular time period.
Promos at Palace

I have played some of the promos, and I can confirm from my own experience & chat with support that these are automated, you get the bonus pretty damn quick after submitting the claim form. BUT (and it's a big one) the cashback promotions have a sort of "bug". When you finish playing, wait a couple of hours before submitting the claim form otherwise it miscalculates the amount of cashback due. This is because Playcheck takes around an hour to fully update. I fell foul of this, and other parts of the system, but support have always given me a way to rectify the situation so that I do not miss out on the full value of a promotion.

I agree that MG really need to make Net Wager easily available to the player. Cryptologic have the best tool I have ever seen for this (came in a recent update). It's in Cashier, under "My Promotions". If you hover over the link a window opens giving you the exact amount wagered, and the amount left to wager. You can also link through to the promotion details, and can choose to view current unwagered promotions or a historical log. It can be done, so come on MG - how about it!
Its just a shame that they try to pull stunts like this, waste your time and its only when they start to get some adverse publicity they get their act together

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