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Dec 23, 2005
I opened an account at Spin Palace on 5th December, paid in 50, and got the 150 bonus. I completed the wagering requirement playing slots only, finished on a total of 488 and withdrew. My 50 deposit was paid back to neteller within a couple of days. On 10th December the remaining 438, my winnings, still hadn't been paid, so I wrote asking why, and they asked for my ID, which I sent. On 13th December I got this:

"all documents have been reviewed - our Finance Department have
almost concluded the last necessary steps before making the payment. We
can't see further details relating to this, which is why we cannot give
you more conclusive answers.

We will be in contact with you as soon as this is resolved. Thank you
for your patience in this regard."

That was 10 days ago. Since then I have sent them numerous emails and been on live chat. Each time I get the same response from customer service: There is no problem with your withdrawal, it is being processed, I'll send a note to our finance / operations department and get back to you.

18 days after my withdrawal, 10 days after they said my documents had been reviewed, and they won't make the payment or give me any reason why they haven't done so. I'm starting to think I could wait until the cows come home and they'll just let it slide. It's very frustrating when they ask you to wait / have patience / rest assured blah blah, and after 10 days of resting assured they still haven't bothered getting in touch or paying the money.

PM on the way to Spin Palace rep here, followed by pitch a bitch if no joy.
Oh look, another one just flooded in today, how nice:

"Thank you for emailing Spin Palace Casino.

Kindly be advised that your withdrawal is being attended by our
Financial Department. Rest assured that as soon as it has been released
we will be in contact with you.

We trust that we have been of assistance."

How many of these do they think I need?
Hmmm.. This is interesting in light of something that happened to me recently.

I've played at Spin Palace for over a year, always depositing from my card - then receiving withdrawals back to either a) The same card or b) my neteller account.

Recently however, I made a reasonable sized withdrawal (3000), and got hit with the faxback/PDF/Scans nonsense.. Despite having withdrawn more and less than this loads of times in the past.

I questioned why I had not been asked for it in the past (despite literally tens of thousands of pounds deposited and withdrawn), and no response. Anyhow, I did everything I was supposed to do... Only to be told they were illegible. So I did them again. And Again. Eventually, they were accepted - however I was unable to provide a copy of a specific card I had deposited to the account with over six months ago, as it had been replaced by the bank!!! I explained this, however they still felt the need to ask me the question again.

Anyhow, cut a long story short - I eventually got paid, to the wrong account, but I got paid nonetheless.

I should point out, I have NEVER previously had any problems whatsoever with Spin Palace, and they have always been extremely quick to pay out and more thank helpful.

It did seem strange to suddenly act in this way however, and get confused over various bits of info...

Like I say, I got paid - so no worries. Did make me think twice about playing there again though - purely because I can do without all that hassle by simply playing at 32RED!!!

Hope you get it sorted.

P.S - Oops, nearly forgot - they chucked a 250 bonus into my account for the hassle I'd endured, which was a nice gesture too.
Spin Palace is one of my favorites also. The few problems I've ever had have been sorted out fairly quickly. I've got to admit the representative from Spin Palace who I PM'd answered quickly and the problem was resolved. In addition, he went ahead and set up my account to flush my account right away. I'm sure it will be corrected.

Spin Palace has been a long time favorite of mine, even though I've never won much there. The cashouts used to be quick. The last couple times they have been very slow.

Maybe they are under new management.
I recently had a large payment from here sent directly to my credit card, much more than I'd ever deposited. I didn't know ProcCyber were refunding winnings this way now - previously you had to take a cheque for everything, including deposits.
The Palace Group

Hi all,

Darran here from The Palace Group.

JR1, thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. Our e-cash merchants were doing an investigation in identifiers which linked you account to a few others. This unfortunately caused a delay in the processing of your cashin. As a casino we take fraud seriously and have to investigate all avenues. I managed to step in and saw that your account was not fraudulent and had your cashin released. It is unfortunate that your cashin was flagged as high risk but we have to rather safe than sorry.
I appreciate you all bringing any issues to my attention as feedback from our players is crucial in order for us to better our service offering to you.

SandyBeach, I would like to get in touch with you about your most recent withdrawals which you say have taken longer. We have the same management team so there shouldnt be any reason why time for payments is different. If you could PM me your account information I will have a look into it.

Our support team at The Palace Group will always try their best to sort out any issues you have however if you need some special attention, you are more than welcome to get in touch with me here.

I hope to see you all at our casinos!

Kind regards,

The Palace Group
Palace Group said:
Hi all,

Darran here from The Palace Group.
Our e-cash merchants were doing an investigation in identifiers which linked you account to a few others. This unfortunately caused a delay in the processing of your cashin. As a casino we take fraud seriously and have to investigate all avenues. I managed to step in and saw that your account was not fraudulent and had your cashin released.

With the volume of fraud activity around these days I'm surprised you don't flag 1'st time depositors who pay with CC or other methods like ECO for instance. Not that I expect a reply to that (security & all).

What I can't understand is that this player holds history at the casino!

Did he just fall thru the cracks? :confused:
If so have you taken steps to bog up the crack from which he feel thru?
Palace Group said:
JR1, thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. Our e-cash merchants were doing an investigation in identifiers which linked you account to a few others.

How do you confuse his identifiers with some one else's? What identifiers are you referring to here?

How can you assure existing players and new players that this won't happen to them in the future?

How can you expect to attract new players when they feel uneasy about giving you their hard earned cash now?

Finally, why didn't you just come clean and tell JR1 that you were holding is coin because you apparently had not thought about how to distinguish between him and other players?

Your efforts to rectify the situation are commendable Palace Group but me thinks you haven't gone far enough yet.
Hi all,

Unfortunately as you can imagine I cannot give out all the fraud and risk procedures, this is for obvious reasons.

Flags are triggered on many different rules. Regarding what happened on JR1's account, there was a flag which was being investigated. Unfortunately this was taking a little longer than usual which is when I stepped in to look into it myself. I assure you this is an exception to the norm and The Palace Group of casino's always tries to deliver top service in all aspects of our business.

I can appreciate the comments received but players should at no time feel uneasy about our casinos. There may be security information required which is needed for us to comply with eCogra and financial regulations but once all is in order payments are always made.

As mentioned I cannot go into detail about the triggers but they occur at various stages through a players life cycle with our casino.

Please understand that we will always bend over backwards to accommodate our players.

As usual you are welcome to PM me with any individual issues should you experience any.

Kind regards,

FYI - I've had a 1000 withdrawal as "work in progress" for over a week now. I've not contacted anyone, and I'm not complaining as such - I'm sure it'll be fine... This is not the Spin Palace we know and love though... What's going on?
Hi there,

Please PM me your account details. I want to have a look into this.
It could be that if you withdrew on Thursday or Friday the withdrawal would go off today due to certain processors being closed over the new year period.

Please PM me though. Would like to see what is happening.

Kind regards,

The Palace Group
Identity fraud?

It is possible for innocent players to be caught up in identity fraud just as in any other avenue of life. The first they will know is they suddenly find their credit history is "bad" when they apply for a new card, loan or account, they could find themselves blacklisted for no good reason. Identity fraud over the internet has seen an explosion recently, and I expect online casinos are being heavily targeted. If a fraudster has "spoofed" his/her internet identity, and it is coincidentally too close to that of a "real" person, that real person may find sudden and unexplained difficulties in their own internet transactions. There is little that can be done to protect against this, or realise it has happened. I have had this happen to me recently when I suddenly received 300+ E-mail "unable to deliver" errors for E-mails I had never sent. It seems that spammers were randomly generating addresses based on "firstname"."lastname", and hit a couple close to mine, and one spot on. I even got spammed by myself without my knowledge!! It is easy to spoof an E-mail, spoof an IP address, and "get lucky" and mess up a real persons standing. Such problems are temporary, but I am sure that casino's can be more open without divulging the fraud procedures used. To simply tell the player there is "no problem" when in fact a "flag" is being looked into (and over Christmas and New Year too), and then stall for a couple of weeks on a payment that with "no problem" would take a day or two, makes the player caught up in this believe they are getting a pile of BS from a casino that does not want to pay but can't yet think up a good excuse.
I have had few problems at Spin Palace, and have always had a proper resolution. It is gratifying to note that the casino gave a extra bonus when they discovered they had not dealt with the problem to their usual standards. They also have varied promotions, not just the standard deposit bonuses that some groups trot out week after week, although this means that reading the T & C each time is important, and this can occasionally lead to a withdrawal stalling and being refunded.
I got paid yesterday, as I expected, and kudos to Darran from here for showing an interest at least.

It's still an unreasonable period of time to wait though in my opinion, even taking the festive season into account.

I think it's just that there's so much choice online these days, casino's are living and dying by the way they treat their customers. The slightest hint of poor service just isn't going to be tolerated by players anymore.

I won't be binning Spin Palace by any means, but they need to make me feel loved again!!!!
The initial withdrawal depends on the casino you choose to play at. I signed up at Sands of the Carib and I was sent an unexpected e-mail stating due to the holidays it will be anywhere between 10-15 days before I receive a pin to make any withdrawals.

That was very kind of them in my opinion, for they didn't have to take time out to send me this notice but glad they did, otherwise I would be looking for it in the allotted 5-7 days stated on the website and getting very angry.

That is very good casino support IMHO.
Full credit where credit is due to Spin Palace (and specifically Darran!)

Following my few weeks of slightly below par service, he responded timely and efficiently to my concerns, showing genuine apathy to my problem - and resolved the matter exceptionally well.

In fact, going over and above the call of duty to make me feel loved again! This is hugely encouraging, and Spin Palace (plus "Ruby Fortune" which I have been encouraged to try out too :D ) is firmly back on my list of thumbs up casino's.

Thanks Spin Palace/Darran/Ruby Fortune - I'll go try out my no strings welcome and hopefully get back to that "Winner Screenshots" thread!

I feel at this point I should re-iterate the enormous usefulness of this site too... What an unbelievable resource for us players, and a phenomenal interface between us and the operators. Casinomeister - you're the man!

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