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Aug 28, 2003
:thumbsup: I received an e-mail from Spin Palce stating that shortly after the Mega Moolah slot was introduced that they found some graphic errors. And also that the problem was rectified within 75 hours. They said that even though the errors did not reflect in screenplay, they felt bad about my losses and refunded me $97.00USD (no strings attached) They did the right thing as I will remain loyal to their casino as I know now that I can trust them and actually get a bang for my buck there.
I do wonder however, if they found graphic errors and Mega Moolah is a progressive Microgaming. Does it not make sense that there were graphic errors on other Microgaming Casinos. And if this the case how come no other casino has refunded money,The ones I play at are Piggs, Riverbelle, Country Vegas, Vegas Poker, Big Dollar and 32 RED.
Just a question as I am not really up on how these casinos work but I beleive that the progressives would be the same.
While I am on praising Casinos, I have to say that Starluck is the only casino I can win at consistantly and usually after withdrawing my cash is in my neteller within an hour. I know alot of people have problems with them but I just have never had a bad experience with.:thumbsup:
What was the original story? I think my mega moolah is broke too, I've played over $250 in it at $1.25 a spin and never hit free spins or one of the progressives
I hope this helps:) The e-mail read as follows:

Please be advised that a small software error was discovered in the Mega Moolah Progressive slot machine just hours after the game was launched, Novemebr 29, 2006

Rest assured that the issue was a graphics error and was resolved within 75 Minutes of the game being launched.

While payouts were in no way affected, I am unhappy that your gaming experience at this progressive slot was not at the highest standard so I am refunding your $97.00USD.

So it sounds like it is fixed now but I never had a clue that there was a problem so they could have just swept it under the carpet but they didn't:thumbsup:
Ok what happened was this: the RNG operating the progressive "wheel" had two more positions on it than were actually graphically represented which caused some poor unfortunate souls ( no names mentioned ;) ) to think they had won more than was actually awarded. The bug didn't affect the factor deciding whether the player entered the bonus round, just the actual display once the wheel had landed.

MG were informed by 32Red that there was a problem, worked out what it was and issued a bug-fix within a few hours (on a Sunday night). They advised casinos that it might be a good idea to refund losses on the game during that period, which many did - I certainly received a refund at 32Red as did other players, although I'd rather have had the $12,500 amount it showed me I'd won. Microgaming must be hard up :D Seriously though, Microgaming sent me the backend data log that showed the award was as I received ($10!) and it was the display that was wrong. Pat at 32Red also comped me $200 for the distress factor which he needn't have done as it was a Microgaming problem, not a 32Red one.


You didn't lose... and you got a refund :D

The question is, should I have been entitled to more? Or should I get refunded on all affected bets?
You didn't lose... and you got a refund :D

The question is, should I have been entitled to more? Or should I get refunded on all affected bets?

I did lose and that was the refund i got :rolleyes: The $200 was just an extra gratuity from Pat. The refund was on losses incurred by the game ebtween release and the fix being applied - about the first 3 or 4 days I guess.

:thumbsup: Pat H. checked into my account to find that I was not directly affected by the error that occurred with MegaMoolah but that I had lost money on the slot during the period of malfunction. He not only refunded my losses but gave me a little extra on top of it.
Thanks again Pat for your help and for running an honourable & trustworthy casino.
As always, the customer service at 32RED is excellent.:)

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