Spin Casino - how a mere £2 has led to them going up in my estimation


Sep 8, 2013
WARNING: the following post is going to be "vinyl-esque" in length :p

Spin Casino is known on this forum primarily for one reason. They were the designated "trusted partner" that Fortune Lounge and Digimedia chose to
send all their UK players to after they pulled out of the UK market. They are not CM-accredited and to my knowledge they do not have a forum rep either. Given that Fortune Lounge and Digimedia did a sterling job :rolleyes: of keeping UK players in the dark about exactly when they would be locked out until the last possible moment, it hardly came as a surprise to a handful of us that the player migration process appeared to be rushed, hurried, poorly planned and even downright messy. To the extent that I chose to take the unusual (and perhaps over-cautious) step of getting myself verified with Spin Casino "upfront" before making my first deposit. Whilst that process did take a few days, it did go reasonably smoothly in the end. However, I know some people on this forum were "less than impressed" with their own migration experiences and have decided to avoid Spin Casino like the plague. I myself have not been shy to criticise them in the past as they have done a couple of things that left me a little unimpressed (50 free spins on Deck The Halls when you make a deposit but only on 5 lines instead of the full 30 lines being one of them). However, I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, as it can't have been easy for them to deal with a virtual stampede of "new" players. Maybe once the dust settled and the player migrations finally got sorted out, things would get better.

With that in mind, I want to take a few minutes to tell you about something that happened to me at Spin Casino last month. A good "put the player first" story. I feel that it if I am willing to criticise a casino for doing something bad/poorly, then it is only fair that I give that same casino praise when they do something good/well.

Thursday 22nd January - I log into my Spin Casino account. There is £2 in my account. £2 that should not be there. So I go to live chat and talk to Jeremy. Jeremy tells me that everyone was given £2 upon login. But he mentioned something else....an exclusive promotion.

For those that do not know what Spin Casino's general promotions are like, allow me to tell you. They basically come with a WR of 50 times the bonus/free spin winnings. This is one of the reasons why I am very reluctant to play at Spin Casino with a bonus. A WR of 50x is IMO highly unattractive. It just seems that little bit too tough to "beat".

So anyhow, Jeremy tells me that the exclusive promotion is a 100% deposit match up to £150. I like the sound of that. But not with a WR of 50x.
But then he mentions that the WR is only 30x. Now I have gone from merely wanting to know why I have £2 in my account to intending to making a completely unplanned deposit of £150. After finding out that the promotion ends at 23.59GMT on Friday, I thank him for the info and his time and end the chat.

Friday 23rd January - I log into my Spin Casino account just after 4pm, ready to make a deposit. But a popup for a general promotion comes up. A 25% up to £50 with a WR of 50x. And I think to myself "bollocks there goes the exclusive promo". I go on to live chat and talk to Kirsty M. She confirms that the exclusive promotion is still active. And I tell her I want to deposit but only on the exclusive promotion, not the general promotion. I deposit £150, but I get £187.50 bonus instead. Basically they gave me 100% from the exclusive promotion on my £150 PLUS the 25% from the general. Keen to avoid being saddled with an extra £1,875 in WR, I ask Kirsty M to remove the extra £37.50. She says I can keep it if I wish, but after telling her that I still want it removed, she obliges.

Saturday 24th January - I start my playthrough. After a terrible start, I get a good win that wipes out my losses and I end up virtually where I started (I actually had £300.21 after starting at £300). Having had my lucky escape, I call it a night.

Sunday 25th January - I go to continue my playthrough. But first, I wanted to make sure the WR was correctly set at 30x. I have wagered £748.20, so the bonus should have dropped from £150 to £130. It hasn't. It is at £140. And I know why. The WR has been set at 50x. Straight onto live chat to sort this out. I am speaking to Adrian. What happened next was quite unexpected....

Adrian said he could not change the WR settings. So, after consulting with his supervisor, he proposed two solutions....

1. Remove the balance of £300.21 (£160.21 cash, £140 bonus) completely, then "re-insert" it, but at £300 (cash £150, bonus £150). Effectively a case of re-starting the playthrough from scratch, but with the WR correctly set at 30x. I would have been happy enough with this arrangement.

But then the second proposal was made known to me....and I didn't see it coming.

2. The bonus balance of £140 would be removed. I would then be free to request a withdrawal for the £160.21 in my cash balance. And then the £140 bonus would be re-inserted into my balance with the WR correctly set at 30x. Effectively, I have been offered a "freerolling playthrough" of £4,200, as my deposit is now a pending withdrawal.

I choose to take option 2. But instead of withdrawing £160.21, I withdraw £150, because that was the exact amount of my deposit. I advised Adrian of what I had done and he sorts out the rest. I now have £150.21 in my account (£10.21 cash, £140 bonus). I say my goodbye to Adrian and thank him for his time and help and off I slot. It went well (I won't say how well but you will find out if you read my next posts in the Winners Screenshots thread - whenever I get round to making them). In the early hours of Monday morning, I make a withdrawal.

Thursday 29th January - the two withdrawals (the £150 before the "re-playthrough" and the other one after it) are no longer pending but being shown as "Work In Progress". But they should be processed by now. I go to live chat and I am advised that they don't pay withdrawals to Mastercard. Shit. Wasn't prepared for that. And I am not too impressed to find that there was no e-mail advising me of this hurdle to the payment being processed. If I had not gone to live chat, I would likely have been none the wiser. But a solution was suggested. And no...it wasn't to set up a Neteller or Skrill account. They were happy to pay it by DBT. With NO fees. I was quite impressed by this because at Casino Rewards, if you want to request a withdrawal by DBT, you have to pay a fee of £15 for it.
Needless to say, I happily accepted. I was told that it should be in my bank account by Friday afternoon. Also, my PMOP has now been changed to DBT in the event of any withdrawals in the future.

Friday 30th January - Checked my bank account. Both withdrawals show up on my bank statement. And I am one seriously happy bunny.

So there you have it. All because of a mysterious £2 balance in my account, a chain of events unfolded that leads me to believe that I am in safe hands at Spin Casino, that maybe the UK player migration process made them look a lot worse than what they really are. Whilst I am still not happy about the WR on their bonuses, I do see myself playing there on a more regular basis. It's just going to have to be without bonuses. Given that this is something that I already do regularly at Casino Rewards, it's not really an issue. Spin Casino has won me over. :)


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Jul 27, 2007
I was given 100% bonus up to 200 so I took it and also did well. I put a withdrawal in today for just under 1400. I have played with them a lot over the years and never had any problems. Glad to hear things worked out well for you. Sounds like the casino did everything in their power to look after you.


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Aug 25, 2004
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I don't honestly think it has ever been the case where any of the casinos in the Betway/Wagershare/Digimedia/Whatever groups have treated their players poorly - their CS has always been up there among the best IMHO.
I certainly never had any complaints with them as a player (except the poor value of the bonuses, which is the only reason I stopped playing at their casinos)

The main "negative spin" about these group stem from how the marketing team deal with their affiliate partners, which is pretty piss-poor. Many affiliates have stopped promoting their casinos because of this. I have stuck with them despite being "screwed over" by them, because I'm happy that their players are treated fairly. If they treated their affiliates AND their players badly, I would have given them the boot too.

I have to say though, that even I was surprised how they handled THIS issue - they have gone way above and beyond what I would have expected. :thumbsup:



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Mar 21, 2012
Great stuff, You either got real lucky and talked to a few decent CS or like KK pointed out they have good cs,

The later seems to be on point here,

I myself will give them a miss, To much trouble as must of had a lot of accounts sent to them & casinos what I play at are good for now, But its good to see cs that are on the ball, That exclusive promo was a add on by them and the 25% was auto, & with the 50x play threw I guess once you had started it would of been pretty difficult to remap that one, but at least the outcome was good :)

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