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Feb 8, 2017
well in all my years of playing online i have never ever had an experiance like this in my life .

so i requested a withdrawal on monday 6th march after the long 36 pending period my withdrawal was finally processed . so i left it a few more hours to see if i recived an email from the casino requesting any documents . 5 hours later i jumped on live chat to question what was happening to be told i need to verifiy my account and this is were the hassle started . the back end of monday i decided to ask if they had recived everything to be told no . so i resent all emailsd again several times for them to finally inform me i need to send them on seperate emails .

tuesday passed no word from them on verification even thought its supposed to be a 24 hour process .

wednesday didnt hear a word so i decided to jump on to live chat around 10pm to question what was wrong . had a few hiccups with my passport but at 22:30 i was told on live chat i was fully verified and the funds was on the next batch to leave thursday morning at 4:30am .

thursday morning i woke up to an email from spin and win saying my account isnt yet verified. even though i was told on live chat everything was okay .
so i gave them a ring and spoken to what seemed to be usefull at the time man . yes mr fraser it was a mistake etc you are fully verified . so i asked if my fends had been sent out to be told no . so i started getting slightly pissed off so i questioned what was going to be fobbed off and told i can guarentee you mr fraser your funds are on the next batch to leave at 4:30am friday morning .

friday morning .

thoughti would double check if my funds had been released and shock and horror they havnt . just made up some bullshit excuse about verification when i was fully verified thursday morning absolute joke of a casino!!! so ive now been told monday morning they will be sent . yeah right

i urge and plea anyone to stay away from these absolute clowns that could not organise a piss up in a brewery never mind process a withdrawal !

Rant over ,

enjoy your weekend everyone


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Jan 17, 2014
Northern Ireland
This place looks like a total joke. Withdrawal limits:

  • Daily - £1000
  • Weekly - £2000
  • Monthly - £3000

Seriously :rolleyes:
That alone would have me running for the hills. Your only consolation is they are UKGC-licensed and provided you have broken no terms and conditions, you will get paid. And once that happens, never go back to them. EVER.

And in future choose a reputable casino from this list:

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